Fabasoft International Services GmbH
Fabasoft International Services GmbH
Ulrike Kogler
Phone: +43 732 606162-0
E-Mail: Ulrike.Kogler@fabasoft.com
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Fabasoft International Services GmbH (137 releases)

The Austrian Fabasoft software corporation is the first software manufacturer worldwide to receive the MoReq2 certificate from the European DLM Forum on behalf of the European Commission. The certified software is called Fabasoft Folio and targets agile business processes, Information Governance and Business Records Management. The MoReq2 certificate was presented to Fabasoft on September 15 during the DMS-Expo in the framework of a press conference. [more]

The first MoReq2 Certificate worldwide for Fabasoft Folio
2009-09-15, pts20090915029 Computer/Telecommunications, Companies/Finance
Goldberg Prize for Art: "Cross-discipline Art Prize"
2009-08-11, pts20090811012 Culture/Lifestyle, Companies/Finance
Siltronic and Samsung start joint production of 300 mm wafers in Singapore
2008-06-19, pts20080619006 Science/Technology, Companies/Finance
UEFA EURO 2008: Zurigo attende con gioia
2007-12-02, pts20071202004 Building/RealEstates, Travel/Tourism
UEFA EURO 2008: Zürich se réjouit
2007-12-02, pts20071202003 Building/RealEstates, Travel/Tourism
Record offer: 100 million euros for first groundbreak
2007-11-23, pts20071123020 Science/Technology, Environment/Energy
A "Schlingel" vince un film italiano
2007-10-08, pts20071008007 Media/Communications, Education/Career
Power Media Group seek to support Power Industry in Central and Eastern Europe
2007-08-01, pts20070801021 Environment/Energy, Politics/Law
Schönheitschirurgie à la carte, aber bitte vom Feinsten
2007-07-05, pts20070705006 Health/Medicine, Companies/Finance
La Banque Calédonienne d'Investissement se dote de SironAML-Suite
2007-06-12, pts20070612051 Companies/Finance, Computer/Telecommunications

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