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pressetext (pte) is an independent news agency based in Vienna, Austria, with editorial boards in also in Berlin and Zurich. Newsfox is a registered trade mark and news service of pressetext. The news agency provides it's subscribers and online readers with written content, images, audio and video files containing business information. All intellectual property rights associated with any of the services stipulated in these terms and conditions remain with pressetext and are strictly confined to the utilization by pressetext.

News written by pressetext's independent editors is labeled by the 3-letter agency code "pte" (pressetext.europe). Paid press releases and capital market reports published by pressetext's clients are marked with the agency code "pts" (pressetext.service), "ptp" (pressetext.public) or "pta" (pressetext.adhoc).

By using or signing up to an e-mail subscription pressetext (newsfox) subscribers accept the reception of pressetext-news including integrated e-mail advertisements. The user further agrees with the saving and company internal utilization of personal data. pressetext guarantees the privacy of collected data and will not pass it on to third parties.

pressetext's credo is based on the premises that information is free (of charge). Therefore these terms and conditions which constitute the basis of any contractual relationship of ours, grant the right to journalists and opinion leaders to use pressetext's news free of charge for their work, as long as they mention pressetext as their source of information. This right may be revoked by pressetext at any given time and must by no means be sold to third parties or be used on a regular basis either manually, automatically or both.

Content syndication and other regular usage of pressetext news may only be carried out on the basis of an existing written agreement with pressetext. The regular usage of pressetext's news, audio- and video-content handled manually, automatically or both which is not based on a written agreement with pressetext is strictly prohibited.

The execution of the terms and conditions stipulated above guarantee the practice of existing rights, and in particular intellectual property rights. Only by obeying to these terms and conditions, we will be able to live up to our credo of free information now and in the future.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the internal laws of the Republic of Austria, without giving effect to principles of conflict of laws. Any legal conflict shall be handled by the commercial court of Vienna. These terms and conditions contain the complete agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, and supersede all prior or contemporaneous agreements or understandings, whether oral or written.

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