ASTA Energy Solutions AG
ASTA Energy Solutions AG
J├╝rgen Beilein
Phone: +43 664 831 2841
  • hydropower plant
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ASTA Energy Solutions AG (5 releases)

ASTA powering the energy transition globally
Successful delivery of components for the hydropower plant in USA, Cushman II, Washington
The Brazilian subsidiary of ASTA has achieved a successful collaboration with the global energy company GE Vernova to refurbish and upgrade the 81 MW hydropower plant 'Cushman II', which was commissioned in 1930 and provides renewable energy equivalent to the needs of approximately 40,500 households in the Northwest.

ASTA powering the energy transition globally
2024-06-04, pts20240604006 Environment/Energy, Companies/Finance
ASTA Group collaborates with Rosendahl Nextrom
2024-04-30, pts20240430017 Companies/Finance, Environment/Energy
Energy efficiency takes the lead
2023-08-25, pts20230825008 Environment/Energy, Companies/Finance
ASTA accelerates Brazil's transition to a decarbonized power network
2023-08-16, pts20230816007 Environment/Energy, Companies/Finance
ASTA strengthens E-Mobility footprint with new plant in China
2023-07-25, pts20230725007 Environment/Energy, Automotive/Transport