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Wed, 16.08.2023
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ASTA accelerates Brazil's transition to a decarbonized power network
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Oed/Rio Grande do Norte (pts007/16.08.2023/08:00) - The globally active company, headquartered in Oed, Austria, is contributing its copper core expertise to one of the largest wind energy projects in South America. For the supply of the wind park in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, ASTA, in collaboration with the customer *WEG, has developed special sizing and extrusion techniques with a focus on busbars, with 88 units designed for each wind turbine generator.

For the project in Rio Grande do Norte, the northeastern state of Brazil, ASTA is delivering customized high-end solutions in the form of critical copper components. Thereby, efficient operation of the wind turbines and the transmission of the electricity generated is ensured. A unique product and process technology has been developed to meet the projects specific requirements, enabling maximum performance and the highest possible efficiency of the wind turbines. The gigantic wind farm project was launched in 2021. It is expected to be completed by 2025 and will consist of 1,500 wind turbines.

"We are proud to be a partner in this remarkable project that propels the green energy industry. A wind park of this magnitude, comprising a total of 1,500 units, demands precision, expertise, and quality. This long-term contract is more than just a partnership. It exemplifies our deep commitment to powering sustainable energy. It is part of our goal to accelerate the global transition towards renewable power." emphasized Dr. Karl Schäcke, CEO of ASTA.

*WEG U.S.A /
Founded in 1961, WEG has grown into a global solutions provider of industrial electrical technologies. WEG is one of the largest electric motor manufacturers in the world, producing more than 21 million units annually. The company offers a diverse and integrated product line that includes motors, drives, soft starters, controls, panels, transformers, generators and custom solutions. With more than 30,000 employees, WEG operates on all continents and demonstrates its global presence by exporting to more than 135 countries through its impressive 45 manufacturing facilities.

About ASTA Group
The ASTA Group, headquartered in Oed, Austria, has evolved into a globally operating company since its establishment in 1814. With six locations in Austria, Bosnia, Brazil, India, and China, ASTA employs 1,400 employees and is a hidden champion, manufacturing tailor-made copper components for high-performance generators and transformers, the e-mobility sector, and special applications. In the fiscal year 2022, the ASTA Group generated revenues of 480 million euros. With over 200 years of experience and expertise in the production and advancement of precisely insulated flat and round copper wires, as well as special copper components using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, ASTA is a trusted partner to leading energy technology manufacturers worldwide, such as Siemens Energy, Hitachi, Andritz AG, and Mitsubishi.

Sustainability is deeply embedded in ASTA's corporate strategy, and the group takes a pioneering role in the industry with its in-house copper recycling capabilities. Since 2022, the company, in collaboration with partners, has been developing a circular copper economy and actively shapes the global energy transition in a resource-efficient, energy-efficient, and ecologically sustainable manner, striving for the best possible ecological footprint.

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Phone: +43 664 831 2 841
ASTA Energy Solutions GmbH