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Tue, 04.06.2024
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ASTA powering the energy transition globally
Successful delivery of components for the hydropower plant in USA, Cushman II, Washington
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Oed (pts006/04.06.2024/07:00) - The Brazilian subsidiary of ASTA has achieved a successful collaboration with the global energy company GE Vernova to refurbish and upgrade the 81 MW hydropower plant 'Cushman II', which was commissioned in 1930 and provides renewable energy equivalent to the needs of approximately 40,500 households in the Northwest.

Performance on Delivery

Copper is a key raw material for components in energy generation sites, power grids & (e-)mobility applications. ASTA Brazil achieved success in this field: it successfully delivered energy components to GE Vernova in Brazil for a hydropower plant in U.S.: Cushman II, Washington. These energy components are used inside a generator for a hydropower plant. ASTA is still delivering more units. "ASTA Group provides solutions for the energy transition. We support our global customers in pushing the limits of their technological capabilities. We are delighted that we were able to support GE Vernova as a reliable partner in this landmark project", says ASTA Group CEO Karl Schäcke.

As communicated by GE Vernova on their website, the scope of work of the hydropower plant includes the design, manufacturing, refurbishment, installation, and commissioning of two new generator stators and refurbishment of generator rotor poles, shaft thrust bearing, as well as two new turbine distributors and refurbishment of the turbine runner and draft tube. The refurbishment/upgrade of the units will help increase availability and reliability for the hydropower plant and deliver more renewable energy to the grid for another 100 years. The upgrade is expected to be completed in 2026. "Producing the crucial technology for sustainable energy solutions, we continue to write a success story that was started in 1814. Delivering components for a large US hydropower plant is another step taken by ASTA towards a greener future", says Marcelo Porsch, General Manager of ASTA Brazil.

About ASTA Group
The ASTA Group, headquartered in Oed, Austria, has evolved into a globally operating company since its establishment in 1814. With six locations in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil (2x), India, and China, ASTA employs approximately 1,400 employees. The company is a 'hidden champion' in manufacturing tailor-made copper components for high-performance applications in power transformers, power generation units and e-mobility, among other fields. In the fiscal year 2023, the ASTA Group generated revenues of approximately 567 million euros. With 210 years of experience and expertise in the production and advancement of precisely insulated flat wires, among other products, ASTA is a trusted partner to leading energy technology manufacturers worldwide, such as Siemens Energy, Hitachi Energy, Andritz, or GE Vernova.

Sustainability is deeply embedded in ASTA's corporate strategy, and the group takes a pioneering role in the industry with its in-house copper recycling capabilities. Since 2022, the company, in collaboration with partners, has been developing a circular copper platform and actively shapes the global energy transition in a resource-efficient, energy-optimized, and ecologically sustainable manner, striving for the best possible ecological footprint.

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Phone: +43 664 831 2841
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