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Tue, 30.04.2024
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ASTA Group collaborates with Rosendahl Nextrom
Development & industrialization of extrusion systems for components for the e-mobility industry
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Oed (pts017/30.04.2024/09:00) - The Austrian company ASTA, a leader in the field of high-precision copper wires, is expanding into the automotive sector. As of now, the company is involved in the production of insulated copper conductors for electric motors in both the passenger car and truck segments.

Successful expansion of a proven core competence

The new business represents an extension of the ASTA Group's already established core competence: insulated copper conductors, which the company has been manufacturing successfully since decades. In this specific application, the extruded plastic PEEK is applied to the copper wire produced by ASTA. This copper conductor is now used in state-of-the-art electric motors with system voltages of 800 volts and more. The extrusion process also offers the possibility of using new innovative insulation materials in the future.

Cooperation of Austrian companies

To develop the extrusion equipment required for the process, the ASTA Group is working with the Austrian company Rosendahl Nextrom, a world leader in extrusion technology. Together they are driving the development of complex industrial products and promoting the advancement of extrusion technology.

The successful collaboration was presented during the wire trade fair from April 15th to 19th, 2024, in Düsseldorf: Rosendahl Nextrom showcased a Hairpin-Stator provided by ASTA at their booth. This allowed the new product for automotive electric motor supply in the passenger car and truck segments to be presented in a compact format. 'I am delighted about the innovative collaboration with Rosendahl Nextrom. ASTA is driving the energy transition on a daily basis and works towards a more sustainable future. With the production of insulated copper conductors for electric motors, we have taken another step in this direction,' explained ASTA CEO Dr. Karl Schäcke, who was present at the event.

During the race on a Carrera race track set up on site, Rosendahl Nextrom owner Georg Knill emphasized: 'Both ASTA and Rosendahl Nextrom recognized the potential of hairpin extrusion at an early stage. This, combined with our geographical proximity, provided the ideal basis for a successful collaboration. Together we have succeeded in bringing this new technology to an industrial level. This secures a significant technological advantage in the highly competitive automotive market - for Rosendahl Nextrom, ASTA and Austria as a business location.`

The first extrusion line from Rosendahl Nextrom was accepted by ASTA at the end of 2023. It is currently being prepared for series production in China and is expected to be in regular operation there by the end of the second quarter of 2024. A second system for the ASTA site in Austria has already been ordered and is expected to be delivered by the end of 2024. Additional systems for China and Europe are planned.

Picture: ASTA CEO Karl Schäcke (r.) and Rosendahl Nextrom owner Georg Knill celebrate the successful partnership in hairpin extrusion. The show highlight: a Carrera track featuring information on the latest innovation, the worldwide 1st industry-ready extrusion line for hairpin insulation.
© Rosendahl Nextrom

About ASTA Group
The ASTA Group, headquartered in Oed, Austria, has evolved into a globally operating company since its establishment in 1814. With six locations in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil (2x), India, and China, ASTA employs approximately 1,400 employees. The company is a 'hidden champion' in manufacturing tailor-made copper components for high-performance applications in power transformers, power generation units and e-mobility, among other fields. In the fiscal year 2023, the ASTA Group generated revenues of approximately 567 million euros. With 210 years of experience and expertise in the production and advancement of precisely insulated flat wires, among other products, ASTA is a trusted partner to leading energy technology manufacturers worldwide, such as Siemens Energy, Hitachi Energy, Andritz, or GE Vernova.

Sustainability is deeply embedded in ASTA's corporate strategy, and the group takes a pioneering role in the industry with its in-house copper recycling capabilities. Since 2022, the company, in collaboration with partners, has been developing a circular copper platform and actively shapes the global energy transition in a resource-efficient, energy-optimized, and ecologically sustainable manner, striving for the best possible ecological footprint.

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