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Manfred Jahn
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Thu, 06.03.2003
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Tel.Me. introduces two new video phones: t919i and t918
All-in-one devices with colour touch-screen, integrated digicam, MMS and e-mail
T919i and T918
T919i and T918
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Vienna/ Hannover (pts035/06.03.2003/14:41) - Tel.Me., Austria's leading producer of mobile phones and MP3-players, has come out with two new mobile video phones - the T919i and the T918. The mobile phones will be officially presented at the CeBIT 2003 in Hannover. Both GPRS devices belong to the multimedia smartphone category and each come equipped with an organiser, MMS, e-mail, a colour display and an integrated MPEG4-player, in addition to an integrated digital camera.

"The launch of the new mobile phone generation in the summer of 2003 will go hand in hand with our focus as manufacturers on infotainment and entertainment devices," said Manfred Jahn, CEO of Tel.Me. Telecom Media & Products GmbH.

T918 and T919i are further developments of the T919 touch-screen mobile phone, which was successfully introduced in autumn 2002. The newest aspect is the integrated VGA camera with a resolution of 307,200 pixels, which can record MPEG4 videos that can then be sent as MMS or e-mails.

"The integrated camcorder function enables the user to play videos received, film trailers and holiday videos," said Jahn, summing up the advantages of the new multimedia mobile phone.

Both models permit the downloading of Java games and applications. GPRS Class 10 allows for data transfer of up to 85,600 bits per second, which is faster than ISDN.

T919i - the infotainment and business mobile phone

The T919i appeals to technofreaks, multimedia experts, pioneers and business users. The integrated multimedia card reader for MMC and SD cards allows the user to not only play music files, but also save videos, photos and business files in all standard data formats. The integrated card reader provides a capacity of up to 512 MB.

Integrated business functions, such as the organiser with monthly, weekly and daily formats, as well as an integrated 'To Do' list, enable professional appointment and project management. The T919i is operated through a touch-screen with four input modes: dial, SMS woodpecker, handwriting recognition and PC keypad. The T919i rings in real sound quality, making it the first phone to offer an MP3 ring tone.

T918 - the entertainment & fun mobile phone

The T918 mainly appeals to private and young users who are interested in all types of multimedia messaging applications. Quick entries can be made on the stylus in touch-screen mode, while the integrated mechanical keys can be used for phoning and playing Java games.

"Our T918 is the first mobile phone developed for the mass multimedia market," Jahn explained.

Weighing only 110 grams at a size of 111.0 by 50.0 by 20.5 mm, the T918 is one of the first truly handy entertainment phones on the market. The device also provides an integrated VGA digicam, an organiser, 2.5 MB storage capacity, USB interface, synchronisation through Outlook, and video record and play, making it an ideal first phone for mobile multimedia fans.

Video phones available by summer 2003

The T919i will be available by the summer of 2003 for about 599,- euros. The T918 will follow in September at a list price of 399,- euros.

About Tel.Me.
As an electronics manufacturer of mobile phones and MP3-players, Tel.Me. has been represented in all important Austrian and German electronics chains since June 2000. Since autumn 2002, Tel.Me. products have been distributed in Germany, Austria, England, Hong Kong and Sweden. In the second quarter of 2003, the company plans to enter the Australian, Spanish and Benelux markets.

Tel.Me. sold 10,000 mobile phones in its first year, and about 20,000 in 2002. Tel.Me. expects to sell 100,000 mobile phones worldwide in 2003, achieving a turnover of over 20 million euros.

Tel.Me. belongs to the leading European MP3-player manufacturers, and has been the market leader in Austria from the start. The company employs about 100 people in Europe - some fulltime, others on a project basis. Tel.Me. has 15 regular employees in Austria.

Tel.Me. products are made-to-order produced in Europe (mobile phones) and Korea (MP3 players). The company focuses on the infotainment and entertainment segments. For more information please visit

Temmel, Seywald & Partner Communications, Matthias Sturm
Tel. +43-1-4024851-0, Fax DW 18, E-Mail:

Tel.Me. Telecom & Media Products GmbH
Manfred Jahn, President und CEO

Tel: +43-1-532 6776/10, Fax DW 30, E-Mail:
Wolfgang Krivanek, Vice President und Director Marketing
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Specifications of the T919i Infotainment GPRS mobile phone

- GPRS Dual Band 900/1800
- GPRS Class 10 (85.600 bit/sec)
- 125 grams
- 125 x 55 x 24 mm
- >320 hrs standby-/ >180 minutes talktime, 1000 mAh-LiIon
- digital VGA camera (307,200 pixels)
- MPEG 4 Video Camcorder - Record and Play
- MP3-Player using MMC or SD Card
- Vibrating alert
- Colour screen with 32,768 colours
- Touch screen (256 x 128 pixels)
- Integrated antenna
- MMS, EMS 5.0, SMS, email
- WAP 2.0 (xHTML)
- 6 MB user memory
- up to 518 MB with MMC/SD Card
- E-Mail Client (POP3) with doc, txt, jpg, bmp, gif and mpg attachment viewer
- Calculator
- Organizer (calendar, to-do list, address book, notes)
- OTA via SMS
- 1,000 contacts, synchronisation with Outlook. From Q4: SyncML
- IR interface
- USB interface
- MultiMediaCard / SD slot for adding up to 512 MB storage capacity
- 3 games
- Speakerphone
- Handwriting recognition
- PC keyboard
- Dialler, SMS Woodpecker
- Wallpaper
- MP3 ringtones and polyphonic ringtones
- Melody editor
- Photo album (photos may be assigned to phone book entries)

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