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Sun, 26.01.2003
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TAG placing cash equity issue with institutional investors

Hamburg (pts003/26.01.2003/18:06) - TAG Tegernsee Immobilien- und Beteiligungs-AG (WKN: 830350; ISIN: DE0008303504; Index: SDAX) has successfully completed a cash equity issue comprising 500,000 shares excluding shareholder subscription rights. The shares were subscribed for by institutional domestic investors. As a result, TAG's share capital has risen by around 9.7% to EUR 5,662,661. The issue price was EUR 8.30 per share, generating total funds of EUR 4.15 million, which will be used to finance the Group's continued development.

Given the current situation prevailing in the financial markets and lending restraint on the part of the banks, TAG's management board considers this move to be a particular success.

About TAG:
TAG Tegernsee Immobilien- und Beteiligungs- AG (German securities code number 830350) is a listed property company with market capitalization of EUR 42.3 million. Its core business entails the acquisition of commercial, residential and special properties via equity interests in Germany.

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Listed: Amtlicher Markt in Frankfurt (SMAX), München, Freiverkehr in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg.

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