Social Media

Newsfox provides the visibility and discoverability of your press releases in different networks. You are also able to support the visibility. With its share buttons on newsfox you can tell your friends what you can recommend, and what information you are interested in.

Our press releases, photos and videos are available for everyone, who is searching on social networks for specific keywords. Newsfox ist active in the following platforms and networks:
Google Plus

Social Media Monitoring - the ongoing, systematic observation and analysis of social media contributions and dialogues in online media, forums, blogs and communities - is one of the most recent newsfox offers. Our monitoring tools give you a quick overview of topics and opinions on the net.

Newsfox offers annual packages for companies, institutions and political parties. With these professional tools you get - based on the market and opinion research - a direct perception of products or services. At the beginning of a professional social media monitoring project stands always a half-day workshop.

Contact: Social Media Monitoring