Media Access

With only one press release you can access more than 9,000 media agencies from TV, radio, print and online in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. That is 15,000 journalists and more than 80,000 opinion leaders! You can reach the same number internationally in the fields of high-tech, media, business and lifestyle by e-mail. Furthermore, tens of thousands read pressetext and Newsfox stories on more than 350 reputable websites, search engines and social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

All journalists who use newsfox via e-mail, must double opt-in their account. Several editors and journalists from larger media such as TV stations, newspapers and magazines are subscribers. Journalists and media who give up their newsfox (pressetext) e-mail address, will be automatically disabled, so mailing lists are always current.

Here you find a sample of the media companies who receive newsfox (pressetext) releases via e-mail or access. In addition, you will find lists of our media partner agencies Dow Jones for the German-speaking world and SID for Germany.

International Media Access

Media lists of all other European countries can be requested and sent to you as needed. More information on demand: