Your Benefits: Access to Media and the Financial Community

newsfox (pressetext) guarantees online-coverage of your press releases in all important media and internet platforms. For public companies, our circuits provide value-added distribution to key media and audiences to comply with the latest regulatory initiatives on disclosure.

Five Reasons for newsfox

1. One-Stop Service: newsfox and pressetext provide editorial writing in English (international desk) and German, photo and video coverage on demand and press distribution throughout Europe.

2. Access to Editorial Departments: Press releases, photos and videos will be imported via satellite to all relevant newspapers, magazines and journals as well as broadcasting corporations. The press releases get transferred to the editorial departments with the same data stream used for editorial news.

3. Directly on Your Screen: Your press releases will be sent to more than 250,000 readers – mainly journalists, opinion leaders and decision makers – according to their news profiles for further utilization.

4. Unlimited Archiving: Your releases remain in the news archives of newsfox, pressetext and its partners. Therefore they are continuously available.

5. Straight into Search Engines: Directly after publishing and distribution, each press release will appear on the most frequently visited search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Because of the high credibility of pressetext, the information will always be registered at the top of the list.

Who We Are: pressetext and its international desk newsfox, consist of a quickly growing team. 40 committed staff members in the fields of sales, consulting, support and editing are working for you. We are the best public relations service provider for your company, because of our high performance ratio concerning business and media contacts. pressetext is the strongest and broadest press distribution service transferring via e-mail, satellite and RSS. The news is supplied via satellite, on financial terminals and websites and it is also available in news archives.

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