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Mon, 18.03.2019
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Gentlemen's Equity participates in Urban Dance
Breakthrough of THE DANCE AG with streaming Dance Battles expected
DANCE AG part of Gentlemen's Equity
DANCE AG part of Gentlemen's Equity
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Zurich (ptp016/18.03.2019/11:15) - Gentlemen's Equity S.A., a listed holding company based in Portugal (ISIN: PTGVE1AE0009), takes over 30 percent of the international dance company THE DANCE AG. The "Ultimate Urban Dance Show" presents and markets the best dance groups in the world on digital stage and in the finals in Switzerland. Through partner Red Bull TV, the show will be streamed live to over 200 countries, reaching millions of viewers.

As technology improves and network speed improves year after year, streaming becomes increasingly attractive to viewers and to the competition for traditional television. Organizers thus reach their target audience more effectively and so are also easier to measure, which is particularly interesting for the advertising industry and product placement. Urban dance is popular, GE wants to bring THE DANCE AG to the top with its commitment. The combination of live show and digital distribution should bring success, Chairman Nikola Trajanov says.

The Dance is a multi-level, continuous elimination system that culminates in the great "Ultimate Urban Dance Battle". The event offers international urban dance crews the opportunity to excel and earn fame and worldwide exposure through the Dance Championship Trophy. This is now the most coveted prize for urban dance crews, which is also transmitted digitally. In 2018, the third year of its existence, the show reached over 26 million viewers.

According to the organizers, the target audience is an urban, "crazy dance" youth around the globe, which can hardly be picked up with traditional media. The show is therefore particularly suitable for lifestyle-affine brands and products that want to transport status and personal lifestyle and reach a consumption-loving audience. The advantage of the DANCE concept is that it is not tied to one location, generates global reach and thus works anywhere in the world.

The Dance produces entertainment for people who like to listen to music, dance and participate in an exciting competition. It is the high entertainment value of the "Dance Battles" that can reach the whole family - regardless of culture, season and origin. The organizers also build artists and market them profitably. Anyone who is at the top as a dancer and gains notoriety can increase his own market value as well as that of the entire show.

The potential of the company is high. The management and the dance team consists of marketing and media experts who want to lead the event into the black in 2019 - the fourth year of its existence. At the general meeting of THE DANCE AG on March 12, the board of directors was reorganized - with Gregory Knie (circus dynasty Knie as well as owner of Olàlà.ch circus for adults), Christian Frei (formerly top management Microsoft Europe), Enrique Nunes (Marketing & Community Manager Rackspace) and Nikola Trajanov as Chairman of the Board.

About Gentlemen's Equity S.A.
Gentlemen's Equity SA is a multinational investment holding company based in Lisbon, listed on the Paris and ENX exchanges (ISIN: PTGVE1AE0009). The company participates in international companies in the areas of e-commerce, energy & environment, sports & entertainment as well as in the luxury sector. The investment focus is on companies that operate innovate, sustainably and lucratively or face a promising market.

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