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Tue, 27.02.2018
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Scalino relocates main production to Serbia
Higher production volumes and lower costs at the new site
Scalino - Schweizer Holzspielwarenmarke
Scalino - Schweizer Holzspielwarenmarke
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Zurich (ptp013/27.02.2018/10:00) - The growth plans of Swiss wooden toys producer Scalino are given the green light. In order to meet greater demand and new requirements, the company is relocating the entire production site to Serbia. In this way, the wooden toy expert is responding primarily to the increased demand for products resulting from the expansion of markets in Asia. In addition, there are other synergy effects.

New markets in Europe and Asia

Up to now, Scalino's premium wooden toys have primarily been successful in Japan; over there, these toy systems, which encourage three-dimensional thinking, now have cult status. The intention is to continue this success now in Europe and other parts of Asia. As a consequence of the focus on new markets, the company has experienced increased demand which exceeds the hitherto existing production capacity. By relocating to Serbia, the company is establishing a solid base for higher manufacturing output.

Managing Director Nikola Trajanov explains the importance of the new sites for the growth of the company: "I am expecting annual percentage growth in double digits in the coming years". In addition, the Swiss producers are working on expanding their existing range of products. The planned new products that are intended to further stimulate sales can be produced at the new sites.

Low production costs promise rapid growth

The relocation to Serbia is attractive to Scalino not only because of the higher capacity over there. This step will also cut production costs, which is helpful for rapid growth. Compared to current expenditure, significant savings can be expected in this area.

Distribution to new countries is possible

The third benefit is the access to new countries with their lucrative markets, which will become possible from Serbia. Nikola Trajanov summarises the positive effect of the relocation: "With the decision to relocate the entire production site to Serbia we have not only optimised our processes, but also laid the foundations for sales into other countries."

No departure into the unknown

It was not just a random decision to move the production site to Serbia. The company had already been active in the country through Scalino Toys d.o.o., the associated supplier. The positive experience at the Vranje and Bujanovac sites was also instrumental in convincing the Management Board to expand the company's commitment in Serbia.

Swiss quality assurance as a guarantee of value

Wooden toys are fundamentally already a product in the high-price segment. In addition, the Swiss quality of the items offered by Scalino contributes to the fact that the goods achieve high end prices in Japan and the other markets. For this reason, Scalino also emphasises this important sales argument for its products from the new Serbian site. That means: Swiss quality assurance is guaranteed.

About Scalino Wooden Toys Products & Gentlemen's Equity S.A.
Scalino Wooden toys are "Swiss Made" quality products and located in the high-price segment. The company is part of Gentlemen's Equity SA, a multinational investment holding company based in Lisbon, and listed on the stock exchanges Paris and ENX (ISIN: PTGVE1AE0009). GE participates in international companies in the sports and entertainment environment. Its investment focus is aimed at companies that operate innovative, sustainable and lucrative on the market or face a promising new market.

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