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Wed, 01.12.2010
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Memonic announces White Label Solution Launch with as first client
Site extension enables simple news clipping for readers
NZZ White Label Launch
NZZ White Label Launch
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Zurich (pts015/01.12.2010/13:45) - Memonic, the award winning Swiss start-up and creator of the Memonic clipper launches its new white label service and announces its first client, Swiss news leader

This partnership takes Memonic's award winning application, and integrates it fully into a Publisher's website - customized with the look and feel of the Publisher. The result: a white label tailored solution.

Announcing the launch, Dorian Selz, CEO of Memonic, says: "For over a year, Memonic has provided users with a way to capture notes and snippets that are essential to them and to make the most use of this information. With the new White Label solution for, we are now able to provide NZZ readers with that same capacity, tailored to their individual needs and archive building desires within the NZZ news portal."

As part of its White Label offering, Memonic provides NZZ (and will provide future publishing clients) with a seamless, own-branded clipping and archiving service that sits on their website, enabling website visitors to collect, keep and then search their own organized archive of articles. Planned additions will soon include keyword-based recommendations, enhanced sharing capabilities, archive syncing for iPhone, iPad and Smartphones, and more.

"The technology already existing at Memonic has been proven to enable this capacity in publishers as is, eliminating a publisher's need to build this by themselves. We believe that the offering of an optimum customer retention tool for media companies, combined with a real information management solution for their readers will establish Memonic as market leaders in this field", says Dr. Selz.

The design, build and integration of the service requires almost no involvement from the client, making the service easy and fast to get up and running. Memonic's CEO adds: "Being able to announce such a stand-out client win at launch underlines the strength of our approach."

Memonic's white label strategy is to target publishers with a high volume of web site visitors, as well as niche/trade players whose customers are in need of organizing their information - from planning travel to planning weddings, for conducting research and needing to gather press clippings, and more.

Memonic will be announcing more white label partners shortly and is expanding its dedicated team in coming months.

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Keren Eldad | | +41 44 533 1068

Since November 2009, Swiss-based internet start-up Memonic has offered any web user the ability to capture the essential of any webpage, e-mail, word or excel document by simply clipping it, automatically saving it to a personal online notebook. Once the user has organized their content, they will forever find these snippets (text, papers, pictures, and more) anytime, and anywhere. Available for on the Web, Windows, the iPhone/iPad and any Smartphone.

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