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Wed, 06.10.2010
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Memonic - Keep the Essential
Integrated Solutions for your note taking needs just a click away
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Zurich/London (pts005/06.10.2010/07:30) - Remember the last time you planned a trip, saved thirty bookmarks, and then when you tried to share the information with your travel partner it was sloppy, hard to access, and most of the information had expired? Or the time you were compiling a blog and had to copy paste so much you thought your fingers would start to bleed, only to realize later that you lost all your sources?

Everyone has stumbled into this issue: You save information on your computer throughout your research, but once you go back to retrieve it, either the saved links are gone, or the bookmarks have refreshed the previous content and the prior information is lost.

Memonic has the solution!

Since launching in November 2009, Memonic allows you to keep the essential on any webpage, including text, pictures, videos or sound-bites - by just clipping it, and automatically sending it to your own personal online notebook. Just as an old spiral ring notebook used to do, Memonic keeps all your notes organized in one place, but is much less heavy to carry around- especially since you can now also use it on your iPhone, iPad or Smartphone.

"With Memonic you have an integrated solution for your note taking needs at any given moment just a click away", says Dorian Selz, Co-Founder and CEO. Accordingly, Memonic has been very successful with the Swiss, German and Austrian markets. Now that the tool is expanding it's reach in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands - and will hopefully soon land in your pocket. "We have carefully studied the Benelux markets and feel confident that Memonic will resonate strongly with people in these markets, too."

Use it to track information for future reference, to share with your friends, or to make dynamic lists and compilations. Here's what it's been found to be useful for, so far:

- For travellers: compiling places to go and to see. Noting great hotels, shops, or best restaurants at your destination
- For bloggers: keeping a list of blog ideas/ story ideas, so you will never lack a topic to write about
- For journalists: keeping press clippings compiled in one place
- For students: clipping towards researching your term papers and thesis
- For teachers: creating structured lessons with various references
- For fun: making a list of music to check out, making a list of apps to check out, keeping a non-urgent shopping list, and much more!

Cool features

- Allows you to label your information in Sets, for easily searching notes later (full text search included)
- Has an easy to download iPad/iPhone application, so you always have your notes with you, and can always add to them
- Accessibility via web or application or phone, which is all synchronized automatically
- The basic version is FREE, and the premium version is unlimited and affordable (just 29 EU)
- It stores all your important information forever


- Nov 2009 - 2nd Place Swiss Equity Award, Zurich

- 13 April 2010 - 3rd Place Internet World Business Idee 2010, Munich

- 3 June 2010 - Winner Red Herring Top 100 Europe

- 17 June 2010 - Winner W.A. De Vigier Prize

- 24 June 2010 - CTI Startup Label Award
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- 6 September 2010 - Swiss ICT Award, Finalist
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About memonic

Since November 2009, Swiss-based internet start-up Memonic has offered any web user the ability to capture the essential of any webpage, e-mail, word or excel document by simply clipping it, automatically saving it to a personal online notebook. Once the user has organized their content, they will forever find these snippets (text, papers, pictures, and more) anytime, and anywhere. Available for on the Web, Windows, the iPhone/iPad and any Smartphone.

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Keren Eldad | | +41 44 533 1068

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