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Tue, 19.10.2010
pts20101019026 Computer/Telecommunications, Products/Innovations
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Online Swiss Army Knife launches:
Doodle, Memonic and Wuala partner to offer 3-for-2 Limited Time Bundle Promotion
Online Swiss Army Knife Launches: Eknife
Online Swiss Army Knife Launches: Eknife
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Zurich (pts026/19.10.2010/13:45) - Today leading Swiss Start-ups Doodle, Memonic and Wuala announce the launch of eKnife, an exclusive premium bundle of Swiss online services. For a limited time, users can get three premium accounts for the price of two: schedule meetings with Doodle, capture, organize and save important web content with Memonic, and store and access files on the go with Wuala.

The eKnife stands for Swiss efficiency and shows the leading roll of Switzerland as a rising tech hub in Europe. 'The bundle increases productivity and saves time and stress', says Dorian Selz, co-founder of Memonic. 'eKnife was born within four weeks from just an idea to a commercial offer of three successful Swiss online services. Could Swiss efficiency be more evident?'.

The bundle includes a Doodle and Memonic Premium account as well as 10 GB of online storage on Wuala for one year. The prestigious Premium Doodle is ad-free and includes premium features such as tracking polls, while a Premium Memonic account offers the ability to clip unlimited items. With 10 GB of storage on Wuala users are able to store more than 5000 documents, photos and media files.

Doodle, Memonic and Wuala combined in an exclusive bundle is available at for just 59 CHF (44 Eur), and will run until December 31, 2010.

About eKnife

eKnife is an exclusive bundle combining three premium Swiss online services: Doodle, Memonic and Wuala. It is available at for 59 CHF/44 euros and gives the users access to Premium Doodle, a premium Memonic account, and 10 GB of online storage on Wuala for one year. The limited offer runs until December 31, 2010. The idea of eKnife was triggered by a conversation on Twitter, involving Wuala, Doodle, Memonic and three top Swiss bloggers @leumund, @bloggingtom and @michelrossier.

About Doodle

Doodle provides solutions that take the pain out of finding the right date and time for a group of people to meet and makes scheduling virtually effortless. The free service on is the world's leading online scheduling tool with a rapidly growing user base of more than six million unique visitors per month. With a few clicks, Doodle allows users to establish a "poll" - a tabular display of possible available time slots - invite participants and enable them to vote transparently and democratically for their preferred meeting times and activities. Doodle connects with the personal agenda and closes the gap between the different calendar systems. Premium Doodle is the company's customized service for individuals and Branded Doodle is its online scheduling enterprise solution.

About Memonic

Since November 2009 Memonic offers the possibility to capture the essential of any webpage - text, picture, videos or sound - and save it to a personal online notebook. Organize the content items to your needs. And find captured text, papers, pictures anytime anywhere. With full text search or your own tags. Memonic combines the advantages of bookmarks with your private full-text archive. Available for on the Web, Windows, the iPhone, and any Smartphone.

About Wuala

Wuala is a secure online storage solution, allowing its users to store their files online, access their data from anywhere, and share files easily with family, friends and co-workers. Files can be backed up automatically and synced across multiple computers and online. Wuala is based on a revolutionary technology that was researched at ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich). Users begin with 1GB of storage but can expand as they like by trading idle disk space or by buying additional online storage. Wuala protects the user's privacy: All files are encrypted on the user's computer so that no one - not even the employees at Wuala or LaCie - can access private files. Wuala was acquired in 2009 by LaCie. For more information, visit .

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