Aichelin Holding GmbH
Aichelin Holding GmbH
Wolfgang Brosche
Phone: +43 2236 236460
  • industrial thermal processing plant
  • switch cabinet
  • burner
  • high-temperature thermal processing technology
  • electric heating systems
  • industrial gas burner
  • Noxmat

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NOXMAT GmbH is celebrating its 30-year anniversary and a successful corporate development
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Anniversary Noxmat 1
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title: Anniversary Noxmat 1
image text: Dr Cindy Krause, CEO of IHK Chemnitz (Regional Chamber Central Saxony), and Matthias Wolf, CEO of NOXMAT GmbH
copyright: AICHELIN Holding GmbH
Anniversary Noxmat 2
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title: Anniversary Noxmat 2
image text: Dr Cindy Krause and Claudia Liebe (both IHK) with Matthias Wolf (CEO of NOXMAT GmbH) (left to right)
copyright: AICHELIN Holding GmbH