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Tue, 18.02.2020
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TÜV AUSTRIA Expands Market Position in Italy
TÜV AUSTRIA takes over Italian inspection and certification service provider Boreas S.r.l.
TÜV AUSTRIA & Boreas S.r.l.
TÜV AUSTRIA & Boreas S.r.l.
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Turin/Vienna (pts026/18.02.2020/13:00) - As of 10 February 2020, Turin-based Boreas S.r.l. is part of TÜV AUSTRIA Group. Founded in 1982, Boreas has successfully established itself on the Italian market, especially in the field of elevator technology and work equipment safety.

Boreas has been brilliantly managed by Mr Guido Torretta, who had nothing but praise for TÜV AUSTRIA country manager Crescenzo Di Fratta: "Boreas - North Wind - will significantly contribute to inflating TÜV AUSTRIA Group's sails in the development inspection and certification of elevators and work equipment business under the guide of Maurizio Acella - the new appointed director -, myself and the existing professional Boreas team! "

Its integration into TÜV AUSTRIA Group gives Boreas the opportunity to massively expand its portfolio in the area of certification as well as inspection, and thus to provide much more comprehensive servicing of customer requirements. To TÜV AUSTRIA in Italy, having Boreas as a new Group member means finding solutions to local challenges with additional human resources and new locations - doing so fast, in high-quality and on a customized basis.

TÜV AUSTRIA CEO Stefan Haas: "The acquisition of Boreas fits perfectly with the Group's growth strategy. TÜV AUSTRIA has been a strong partner of Italy's industry since 2008, and the acquisition of Boreas opens up an opportunity to expand market positions throughout Italy."

TÜV AUSTRIA is an independent testing, inspection and certification company with over 2,000 people employed in more than 20 countries and +220 million euros in annual. In Italy, TÜV AUSTRIA Group now has branches in Monte Roberto, Erbusco, Piacenza, Turin and Brindisi.

https://www.tuvaustria.com/en | http://www.boreas.it

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Phone: +39 334 349 19 82
E-Mail: info@tuvaustriaitalia.com
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