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Tue, 23.07.2019
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NDT-pioneer Sila Kalite acquired by TÜV AUSTRIA Group
Leading Austrian TIC organisation expands materials testing operations in Turkey/Turkmenistan/Russia
Sila Kalite acquired by TÜV AUSTRIA
Sila Kalite acquired by TÜV AUSTRIA
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Vienna/Istanbul/Bursa (pts012/23.07.2019/10:00) - Leading Austrian Testing, Inspection and Certification organisation expands its materials testing operations in Turkey, Turkmenistan and Russia.

Since its foundation in 2007 as Sila Kalite, the NDT company has grown into a regional power house in Turkey, Russia, and Turkemenistan, reaching far beyond its renowned NDT expertise. Together with its Turkish sister company Sila Industry, Sila Kalite forms a group of companies as "Sila Kalite" that has now joined forces with TÜV AUSTRIA's group of more than 30 companies and 2.000 employees in over 20 countries.

"Quality and commitment-driven growth sets TÜV AUSTRIA Sila Kalite apart", says Yanki Ünal, General Manager of TÜV AUSTRIA Turk, who has been actively developing NDT business in Europe and Asia through TÜV AUSTRIA's subsidiary. With this acquisition, TÜV AUSTRIA Sila Kalite's innate qualities and extensive portfolio will complement TÜV AUSTRIA Group's services in this region. TÜV AUSTRIA acquired a 51% stake in Sila Kalite and 26% of Sila Industry as a first step.

Sila Kalite's multinational employment structure is a perfect fit for TÜV AUSTRIA Group's impressive diversity. This particular HR asset now paves the way for potent synergies across all fringes of the Austrian corporation's international subsidiaries, offering quick solutions to local challenges.

For TÜV AUSTRIA Sila Kalite general manager Halit Battal, the acquisition represents an organic continuation of the business started more than 12 years ago, citing its huge potential as a key player in new markets: "Our operations in Turkey, Russia, Turkmenistan and nearby countries (e.g. Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan) directly address the industry needs", states the experienced engineer, who looks forward to bringing the expertise of the TÜV AUSTRIA Sila Kalite engineers to the Austrian group of companies: "We grow our portfolio - and hence our expertise - based on clients' needs, which are by default at the forefront of our operations."

TÜV AUSTRIA Group's CEO, Stefan Haas, emphasises how Sila Kalite extends the reach of the group's singular qualities through Sila Kalite's presence in eight countries: "It is a perfect match of experience and young high potentials, engineering skills forged in major international projects matched by youthful purpose and loyalty. At their disposal high tech inspection gear and equipment to exercise most precise and reliable industrial services reflecting TÜV AUSTRIA Group's core values of safety and quality."

Subsidiary TÜV AUSTRIA TURK LTD closed the acquisition on the grounds of the companies' similar regional makeup. General manager Yanki Ünal reflects with pride on the effort that TÜV AUSTRIA Turk's largest acquisition to date required: "First, you think you are impressed by the roster of companies Sila Kalite has been rendering services for, such as Burada HEC, Dragon Oil, Lakhta Project or Petronas. Yet then, secondly, and most importantly, you welcome into an existing family new members that have always belonged with us. As our TÜV AUSTRIA and SIla Kalite engineers unite their skills and experience, you can feel the oft-mentioned "people business" come to life - in the service of our clients."

TÜV AUSTRIA Sila Kalite has accordingly been evolving its range of services over the years. In addition to non-destructive and destructive testing, the industrial service provider has proven itself successful and much in-demand in inspection & surveillance (including drilling equipment), such as magnetic particle and liquid penetration inspections, heat treatment, personnel certification and training.

Major international projects from the far reaches of Russia to the Black and Mediterranean Sea are a testament to industry's confidence in TÜV AUSTRIA Sila Kalite. Multiple accreditations and independent confirmations substantiate the qualities that have made the new member of TÜV AUSTRIA Group a main player in industrial services.

Contact information:
Halit Battal
TÜV AUSTRIA Sila Kalite General Manager

Ozgur Battal
TÜV AUSTRIA Sila Kalite Business Development

Onur Battal
TÜV AUSTRIA Sila Kalite Sales

Halil Bayar
TÜV AUSTRIA Sila Kalite Administration and Purchasing


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