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Thu, 30.11.2017
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Industrial furnace manufacturer Bosio delivers new large-scale plants
Advancement of monitoring and control systems
22 Meter langer Gussgliederbandofen
22 Meter langer Gussgliederbandofen
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Mödling/Celje (ptp039/30.11.2017/17:05) - Slovenian industrial furnace manufacturer BOSIO, part of the AICHELIN Group since 2012, successfully expands its radius of action. In September 2017, new plants went into operation in Germany and Finland, including a cast link belt furnace more than 22 meters in length with a performance of two tons of forged parts per hour, as well as a shaft furnace for carburization of small parts. Hugo Bosio, head of the company, is happy that the delivery of the newly designed cast link belt furnaces passed off successfully within twelve months from the placing of the order.

The newly delivered furnace plants further underscores Bosio's position as a reliable partner in the European automobile and steel industry. The order for the large cast link belt furnace was placed by Hirschvogel Automotive Group from Denklingen in Bavaria; the second plant was delivered to Sacotec Components Oy in Finland, a company specializing in precision steel casting. Both plants are based on state-of-the-art furnace construction technology and are an advancement of Aichelin products with optimized monitoring and control systems.

Cast link belt furnace for forged parts

In the summer of 2016, Bosio took on the entire order by Hirschvogel Umformtechnik GmbH, from the development to construction, mounting and operation of the cast link belt furnace. Throughout the process, they were supported by specialists from the Aichelin Group. The plant is especially suited for larger and heavier loads and was developed for the heat treatment of key components in the automobile industry, particularly engine components. The heat treatment process usually takes three to five hours and is realized at temperatures of around 600°C.

Carburization furnace for small parts

The first carburization shaft furnace for the Finnish company Sacotec was brought on line in September as well, which was only nine months after the placement of the order. The furnace carburizes small steel parts which are difficult to harden due to their low carbon content. Inside the furnace, these parts are enriched with carbon at around 1000°C until t hardening process is enabled and optimized. Bosio has also accelerated the cooling process for this plant, which reduces the duration of the hardening cycle. At 100 cm long, the plant is relatively small, however, it still has a performance of 600 kg per hour.

BOSIO, a Slovenian manufacturer of industrial furnaces is a subsidiary of AICHELILN Group and ranges among the leading producers and service providers of heat treatment services in Central and Eastern Europe. The company was founded in 1990 and supplies the steel industry with large chamber furnaces, bogie hearth furnaces, and shaft furnaces. The main export markets are Russia, South-East Europe, and India for some of the projects. BOSIO employs around 80 people and is currently working on expanding to Western Europe.

AICHELIN Group, as part of BERNDORF Group, is a manufacturer and provider of after-sale-services of industrial furnace plants for different industry segments. AICHELIN Group operates in the field of induction heating and in the manufacturing of industrial gas burner systems. The group operates production sites in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, the US, China, and India. AICHELIN Group employs 1,100 employees worldwide and thus ranges among the largest producers of heat treatment plants.

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