Aichelin Holding GmbH
Aichelin Holding GmbH
Wolfgang Brosche
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NOXMAT expands product spectrum with burner technology for the aluminum industry
NOXMAT GmbH, specialist for industrial heating technology, expands its product and service spectrum: NOXMAT will now also produce and sell burners specifically for the aluminum industry, under the brand name "Wiedemann Industriebrenner". Especially for manufacturers and operators of plants used in aluminum treatment or hardening and tempering of aluminum, the name "Wiedemann" ranges among the leading technology companies and has been established for decades. Between 27 and 29 September, NOXMAT will present its enhanced product spectrum at the "Aluminium" trade show in Duesseldorf.

NOXMAT expands product spectrum with burner technology for the aluminum industry
2022-09-15, ptp20220915011 Companies/Finance, Computer/Telecommunications
AICHELIN gives a positive outlook
2022-08-02, ptp20220802011 Companies/Finance, Environment/Energy
NOXMAT GmbH is celebrating its 30-year anniversary and a successful corporate development
2022-05-19, ptp20220519041 Companies/Finance, Products/Innovations
AICHELIN Group - Change in Holding management
2022-04-11, ptp20220411020 Companies/Finance, Education/Career
New Assembly plant for AICHELIN in Europe
2022-03-14, ptp20220314035 Companies/Finance, Products/Innovations
2022-03-03, ptp20220303056 Products/Innovations, Science/Technology

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