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AICHELIN Holding GmbH (24 releases)

Thomas Dopler - new CTO of AICHELIN Group
Thomas Dopler, who has been working within AICHELIN Group in many different functions for over 13 years, is new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of AICHELIN Holding GmbH. In this role, he is responsible for positioning AICHELING Group as a technology partner of the industry to contribute to a further reduction of CO2 emissions in heat treatment.

Thomas Dopler - new CTO of AICHELIN Group
2021-12-15, ptp20211215010 Products/Innovations, Companies/Finance
AICHELIN Service gets a boost for Post-Corona times
2020-04-22, ptp20200422007 Companies/Finance, Products/Innovations
AFC-Holcroft names new Managing Director for European Operations
2020-04-07, ptp20200407007 Companies/Finance, Education/Career
AFC-Holcroft European Operations move to Poland
2020-04-01, ptp20200401006 Companies/Finance, Education/Career
Noxmat burner for industrial furnaces in Italy
2019-05-16, ptp20190516016 Commerce/Services, Products/Innovations
Bruciatori Noxmat per forni industriali in Italia
2019-05-16, ptp20190516013 Companies/Finance, Products/Innovations
AICHELIN subsidiary EMA Indutec is supplier for ship lift in China
2019-02-26, ptp20190226016 Science/Technology, Automotive/Transport
EMA Indutec as Finalist of Steel Innovation Award
2018-09-11, ptp20180911020 Science/Technology, Products/Innovations
AICHELIN delivers large furnace in Sweden
2018-09-03, ptp20180903021 Companies/Finance, Products/Innovations
Aichelin develops "Glass Furnace"
2017-12-04, ptp20171204027 Products/Innovations, Science/Technology

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