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NOXMAT Expands with Subsidiary in the US
NOXMAT USA, Inc. supplies industrial heating technology and services directly to US customers
NOXMAT GmbH, based in Oederan, Saxony, Germany, has founded a US subsidiary at the end of 2022. NOXMAT USA, Inc, in Sterling Heights, Michigan, will support US customers as well as European customers with branches in the US with immediate effect. Under the leadership of the new Business Development Manager, the sales and service team in the US will be established gradually and expanded.

NOXMAT Expands with Subsidiary in the US
2023-05-17, ptp20230517013 Companies/Finance, Products/Innovations
AICHELIN Increases Energy Efficiency of Third-Party Plants
2023-05-12, ptp20230512004 Products/Innovations, Science/Technology
Pow(d)er for Europe
2023-04-12, ptp20230412026 Companies/Finance, Environment/Energy
AICHELIN Modernizes SKF Plants in L├╝chow, Germany
2023-03-22, ptp20230322007 Products/Innovations, Companies/Finance
New dual leadership at Slovenian AICHELIN subsidiary BOSIO d.o.o.
2023-03-14, ptp20230314018 Products/Innovations, Companies/Finance
AICHELIN Delivers Heat Treatment Plant with CO2-neutral Heating to Hirschvogel
2022-12-15, ptp20221215028 Companies/Finance, Computer/Telecommunications
NOXMAT expands product spectrum with burner technology for the aluminum industry
2022-09-15, ptp20220915011 Companies/Finance, Computer/Telecommunications
AICHELIN gives a positive outlook
2022-08-02, ptp20220802011 Companies/Finance, Environment/Energy

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