Aichelin Holding GmbH
Aichelin Holding GmbH
Wolfgang Brosche
Phone: +43 2236 236460
  • industrial thermal processing plant
  • switch cabinet
  • burner
  • high-temperature thermal processing technology
  • electric heating systems
  • industrial gas burner
  • Noxmat
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Aichelin Holding GmbH (29 releases)

NOXMAT GmbH is celebrating its 30-year anniversary and a successful corporate development
NOXMAT GmbH, headquartered in Oederan, Saxony/Germany, is celebrating its successful 30-year company anniversary this year. Founded in 1992, the company has been growing continuously and profitably in a very competitive international environment, while always remaining faithful to its headquarters in Central Saxony. For this, NOXMAT was recently awarded an honorary certificate by the Chemnitz Chamber of Industry and Commerce. In late June, the official ceremony for the 30-year anniversary will take place together with customers, employees, and other market players at the NOXMAT plant in Oederan.

NOXMAT GmbH is celebrating its 30-year anniversary and a successful corporate development
2022-05-19, ptp20220519041 Companies/Finance, Products/Innovations
AICHELIN Group - Change in Holding management
2022-04-11, ptp20220411020 Companies/Finance, Education/Career
New Assembly plant for AICHELIN in Europe
2022-03-14, ptp20220314035 Companies/Finance, Products/Innovations
2022-03-03, ptp20220303056 Products/Innovations, Science/Technology
Thomas Dopler - new CTO of AICHELIN Group
2021-12-15, ptp20211215010 Products/Innovations, Companies/Finance
AICHELIN Service gets a boost for Post-Corona times
2020-04-22, ptp20200422007 Companies/Finance, Products/Innovations
AFC-Holcroft names new Managing Director for European Operations
2020-04-07, ptp20200407007 Companies/Finance, Education/Career
AFC-Holcroft European Operations move to Poland
2020-04-01, ptp20200401006 Companies/Finance, Education/Career
Noxmat burner for industrial furnaces in Italy
2019-05-16, ptp20190516016 Commerce/Services, Products/Innovations

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