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Wed, 17.04.2013
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Vienna interactive map goes mobile
New mobile version of Vienna city map with additional infos for everyone

Vienna (pte016/17.04.2013/11:41) - Vienna is now offering a mobile version of the popular city map with a wealth of additional information for tourists and locals.

The city council plans to further develop the app, which is based on's most popular feature, so that it is also usable offline and make it available to as many Smartphone brands as possible.

The app allows you to look up an address with satellite or a traditional map view but also lets you search for short-term car parks, toilets, water points and parks.

Points of interest will also display additional information such as the date of building. The city has said it aims to ultimately provide the same information as on the traditional desktop version of the map.

The app does not have a GPS system but the Viennese councillor for training and information Christian Oxonitsch has not ruled out the possibility of adding the feature in the future.

There are already concrete plans for the app to provide live traffic and public transport information, if the operators of the latter, Wiener Linien, decide to make their live-timetable publically available.

The development of the app cost 40,000 Euros according to the city council - an app which is said to be several times more accurate than any other commercial maps.

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