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Thu, 25.10.2012
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EU award for Colours of Carinthia and EU kids day
WKÖ President wants more understanding of the EU
EU citizens award for Dr Leitl
EU citizens award for Dr Leitl
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Vienna (pte030/25.10.2012/17:21) - Chamber of Commerce president Christoph Leitl has received the European Parliament's European Citizen Award for initiating the EU Kids Day project, and for a photo project about integration called The Colours of Carinthia.

The EP confers the award every year for activities that encourage better understanding and closer integration between EU citizens - or gives a concrete expression of the values stated in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

He accepted the award from the Vice President of the European Parliament Othmar Karas at a ceremony in Vienna, saying: "This award is a great honour, but above all it is an obligation.

"In these difficult times in which we live we cannot allow Europe to fall into the hands of demagogues. Rather we must do what is necessary - and Europe is an absolute necessity in the globalised economic world."

Handing him the award Othmar Karas said: "Without active citizens there is no European democracy.

"The EU that we want is one in which the people stand together, act with consideration and support one another.

"This EU is one in which we listen to and understand each other."

The book project "Colours of Carinthia" shows the portraits of 50 people from 50 countries who have moved to Carinthia.

The project pays tribute to basic truths in an impressive display of respect and presents a different picture of Carinthia from that which often dominates the headlines.

The project 'EU Kids Day' in co-operation with the European Union is aimed at forming a greater bond between 7 and 12-year-old children and the European Union, by means of games.

By taking part in the workshop, as they play the children will come into contact with other cultures and traditions.

Dr Leitl added: "Besides providing better information about Europe for its citizens, for me an important concern is to decrease the dramatically high youth unemployment rate in Europe. Here, European institutions have to work with social partners to find solutions and henceforth offer prospects for the future."

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