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Fri, 09.12.2011
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Pressbox Pressbox
Questli launches iPhone & Android App at LeWeb
VC backed Swiss-Russian start-up awards best quest creators
Dan on stage @ LeWeb 2011
Dan on stage @ LeWeb 2011
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Paris/Zurich/Novosibirsk/San Francisco (pts001/09.12.2011/00:50) - Swiss-Russian start-up launches smartphone quests for both iPhone and Android at LeWeb in Paris. The app invites users to play and create treasury hunt quests. The award winning and venture backed start-up promotes the apps by offering interesting prizes to successful inviters and quest creators.

Questli Ltd in Zurich announces today at LeWeb that Questli iPhone App now is ready for download in Apple's App Store and Questli Android App at Android Market. invites users to play and create virtual and real life treasury hunt style of quests.

Questli Android App:
Questli iPhone App: als Browser:

Playing the fast trail Novosibirsk-Paris-Zurich-San Francisco

LeWeb organizer Loïc Le Meur invited Questli founder Dan Kozyatnikov to present his story that plays in Novosibirsk, Paris, Zurich and San Francisco on stage today - in between famous Web entrepreneurs such as Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley and Skype founder Niklas Zennström. The young Siberian was discovered by Swiss venture fund Redalpine at LeWeb 2010, soon won prestigious start-up awards and now heads for an office in Silicon Valley to for for the US market.

Questli on stage @ LeWeb 2011:

Questli bets on wisdom of crowd creators and viral inviters

"Questli believes in crowd-sourcing", explains Questli CEO Dan Kozyatnikov: "To award the pioneers we award our most popular quest creators and our most successful inviters of new users with prizes such as a Kindle Fire, MacBook Air or iPad." This promotion will only last till the Swiss-Russian start-up has reached its first 125'000 registered users.

Questli allows users to play or create different types of quests:

* Local quests can be played at a cafe, a shop, a party, a conference or an airport -anywhere where you would expect a lot of people at specific location. Geocaching is a great way to use Questli, but there are many other use cases. For example, a quest creator can hide a $5 bill at JFK airport and create a series of challenging tasks that a local quest player must complete in order to find the next key and finally the treasure.

* Web quests are a great way to get started before Questli has reached critical mass at anyplace worldwide. Till that milestone is reached users can enjoy playing Web quests anytime anywhere. Though, challenging Web quests will require more than simply answering questionnaires. For example, a Web quest might contain a task where only a specific real person can provide the key to unlock the next secret. That "key person°can be contacted thru social media, e.g. Email, Twitter or Facebook.

* Single player quests can be played anytime anywhere by a single player.

* Competition quests are listed above the tab "soon" and can only be played by users signing up at the same time. The player that completes all tasks first wins.

* Free quests will be played just for fun and for honor.

* Paid quests require from competition quest players to pay a fee thru PayPal. The winner will get 70% of the pot and the quest creator 15%.

* Promotion quests are quests sponsored by brands or local services, e.g. on a fee per played quest base. Users that try to win a prize or coupon can participate for free.

Questli has first launched a beta version for the iPhone and now supports other platforms such as Android, browsers and mobile browsers as well.

About Questli (see Questli's company blog )

* In December 2010 a Siberian founder and the Swiss VC had met at LeWeb in Paris a Siberian founder and a Swiss VC meet at LeWeb in Paris.

* In April 2011 CEO Danil Kozyatnikov and Redalpine Venture Partners founded Questli Ltd as a Swiss company in Zurich.

* In May 2011 Interface Designer Alex Lapin and iOS Developer Sergey Zaytsev take over the lead for the development team in Novosibirsk.

* In September 2011 Questli launches a private beta version and becomes Audience Choice winner at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco.

* In October 2011 Questli closes a 2nd Seed Financing Round with Redalpine, experienced venture investors and family offices from Switzerland and Germany.

* In November 2011 Questli hires Stefan Steiner as a COO, before an investment manager at Redalpine. Before he has worked as a marketing specialist for Credit Suisse Private Banking, for Swiss Internet companies and with his own Internet projects.

* In December 2011 Questli wins the Suvorov Prize for Innovation to Market in Moscow.

Questli is represented in Zurich (Switzerland), Novosibirsk (Russia) and San Francisco (US).

Questli team and contacts

Danil Kozyatnikov, CEO
Twitter: @Danilka
Skype: kozyatnikov
Linkedin: Danilka
Phone US: +1 858 877 3480
Phone CH: +41 79 945 8978
Phone RU: +7 923 242 8551

Stefan Steiner, COO
Phone US: +1 415 800 4226

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Contact: Danil Kozyatnikov
Phone: +1 858 877 3480
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