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Thu, 01.12.2011
pts20111201032 Science/Technology, Products/Innovations
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Swiss Forum awards best Russian innovator
Suvorov Prize: The Swiss-Russian Award for Innovation to Market
Suvorov Monument in Switzerland
Suvorov Monument in Switzerland
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Zurich/Moscow (pts032/01.12.2011/16:50) - The Swiss-Russian Suvorov Prize for Innovation to Market by entrepreneurs will be given for the first time on 6th December in Moscow. Swiss Ambassador Pierre Helg and Yury S. Pilipenko, President Swiss Russian Forum, will be opening the Innovation Night.

The Swiss Russian Forum (SRF) has created the Suvorov-Prize as an award for outstandingly innovative projects from the sectors of science and technology, jurisprudence and finance and health. Entrepreneurship plays a decisive role in the selection of the Prize winners since the marketability of the innovative projects is essential.

The Suvorov Prize will be bestowed upon Swiss and Russian citizens whose projects have a cross-national or an international impact or aspect according to the statutory aims of the Swiss Russian Forum (SRF).

The Suvorov Prize awards the winner with USD 10'000 in cash and a one-year start-up coaching.

The award's name honors the Russian General Alexander V. Suvorov who in 1799 fought against Napoleon's army in the Gotthard area of central Switzerland where a Suvorov monument was erected in memory of the General's and his Russian soldiers' brave campaign.

Organization by Swiss Russian Forum (SRF)

The SRF takes on the organization of the Suvorov Award on an annual basis. The prize-winning ceremony alternates between the Russian Federation and Switzerland.

The criteria for the selection of prize-winning projects are: high degree of innovation value, creativity, social relevance and marketability.
Eligible for the SRF Suvorov Award are students, graduates, post-graduates, scientific staff and doctoral candidates at all universities and colleges, as well as companies or their designated representatives.

Nominated entrepreneurs

Ramil Kashapov (23), engineer, institute of physics, University of Kazan
Project: Microplasma treated medical needles - reduces risk for patients

Danil Kozytnikov (24), engineer, founder Zurich & Novosibirsk
Project: Crowd-sourced smartphone quests - life is your playground

Vladimir Chekalov, candidate of science, CEO, Desa Ltd, Pereslavl-Zalessky
Project: 3-dimension textiles - dust filtration, geo-textiles & special clothes

Oleg Lopatin, professor, department of mineralogy, University of Kazan
Project: Ion implantation in change of colorimetric properties of diamonds

Artem Ryzhenkov, head of research, Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Project: Decreasing pipeline hydraulic resistance for fluid transportation

Maxim Sheptunov, PhD, All-Russian State tax academy, Ministry of finance, Moscow
Project: Evolutionary algorithms for rational reinsurance of serious risk

Maxim Triumphgorodskih, project leader, Russian Scientific Society of Risk Analysis
Project: Optimization of routes of collection and cargoes by risk estimation

Sergej Smirnov, project leader, PhD, Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Project: The new generation of lithium electric current sources

Conditions for Participating Companies

The company has not been working on the project for more than two years prior to submitting the project to the Jury. The same time frame applies for projects evolved within a company having filed a patent application. Exceptions are possible in specific sectors, such as Medical Technology, Bio Technology, Information and Communication Technology and Clean Technology Projects: here the time limit is 5 years.


* Nicolas Berg, Partner Redalpine Venture Partners AG, Zurich
* Dr. iur. Thomas Frick, Partner Niederer, Kraft & Frey, Zurich
* Henning Grossmann, CEO Technopark Zurich
* Michail Lifshitz, Renova Group, Moscow
* Béatrice G. Lombard-Martin, Executive President SRF, Zurich/Moscow
* Andri Manatschal, Partner pwc PricewaterhouseCoopers, Zurich
* Galina Sato, President, granite group, Zurich

Program: Swiss Russian Innovation Night

Hotel Hyatt, Moscow
December 6th, 2011

19.00 Apéro
19.30 Welcome by Yury S. Pilipenko, President Swiss Russian Forum
19.45 Keynote by Pierre Helg, Swiss Ambassador to the Russian Federation
20.00 The Swiss Russian Innovation Award
Béatrice G. Lombard-Martin, Executive President Swiss Russian Forum
20.10 Presentation of the nominees by jury-member
Henning Grossmann, CEO Technopark Zurich
20.20 Laudatio to the winner
20.30 Musical Intermezzo, followed by Dinner buffet


Galina Vracheva is a brilliant concert pianist thanks to her great talent and a rigorous and comprehensive musical education (Moscow, Sofia and Munich). In addition to piano, she studied composition and has written several pieces for piano and two operas. Vracheva masters the art form of improvisation in its most formidable manifestation, the classical instant composition. With her paraphrases born of the moment she is reviving a tradition cultivated by Chopin, Liszt and others but largely missing in today's concert halls.

Vracheva is the only pianist worldwide who improvises the cadenzas of all major piano concerts from Mozart and Beethoven to Chopin, Tchaïkovsky, Rachmaninov and Skrjabin. While Vracheva improvises by and large within the confines of S-music, she happily accepts suggestions from the audience based on melodies and motives from a wide variety of musical forms.

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