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Tue, 23.08.2011
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mopay Equips Germany's Largest Portal for Classifieds with Mobile Payments
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Munich and London (pts012/23.08.2011/11:30) - mopay, a global leader in innovative payment solutions for online merchants, today announced a partnership with Quoka, Germany's largest portal for classifieds. Quoka will integrate the mobile payments platform into its existing portfolio of payment solutions to further increase consumer ease-of-use. mopay was selected out of a pitch with other renowned mobile payments providers. ranks among the leading European web portals for buying and selling goods andis home to more than 3.5 million insertions. The site also counts more than 115.8 million page impressions per month (IVW 07/2011). Quoka chose to implement mopay into its portal in order to react to the rising consumer demand for a fast and convenient way of booking premium options for online classifieds. Consumers who utilize mopay at checkout simpl provide their mobile phone number. The amount is then directly billed to their respective mobile phone account.

"mopay is by far the easiest way of paying online," said Patrick G√ľnther, CEO, Quoka. "With the ease and simplicity of providing a mobile phone number, consumers no longer have to provide 16-digit credit card numbers or names and addresses. Especially when talking about micro payments - which is the case with Quoka's premium services - offering a fast and simple payment method is very important. Paying with mopay fully corresponds with our demand for maximum ease-of-use. mopay's best-in-class payouts, professional business support and impressive customer portfolio convinced us to go with the European market leader."

"Quoka is one of the most prominent portals for classifieds in Europe. For more than 25 years Quoka repeatedly paved the way for new technologies in e-commerce," said Ingo Lippert, CEO of MindMatics AG, operator of mopay. "We are proud that mopay is now able to bring mobile payments excellence to a broad Quoka user base. This partnership once more supports our prediction of mobile payments moving out of their niche into many different fields of application in 2011."

About ist the market place for consumers and merchants to buy and sell goods and services of every-day life. With more than 3.5 million offers, more than 115.8 million page impressions and more than 12 million visits (IVW 07/2011) is leading the industry in this segment. The vast selection of interesting and affordable offers, the easy and fast handling and a large variety of categories make an attractive market place for everyone who wants to buy and sell or submit classifieds in newspapers online. For more in information, visit

About mopay:
mopay is a global leader in innovative payment solutions for online merchants. mopay's core platform enables merchants of virtual, digital and physical goods to bill charges directly to consumers' cell phone and land line accounts. mopay operates in more than 80 countries across the globe, reaching more than 3.3 billion consumers. The company has a blue-chip customer base including major brands such as Bigpoint, Gameforge, Innogames, Sulake and Travian. mopay, part of the MindMatics group, has more than 100 employees at locations in Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil and China.

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mopay / MindMatics AG