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Tue, 01.06.2010
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CLANMO brings "Pringoooals" campaign to the iPhone
New Pringles fun app available from now in AppStore UK
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Cologne (pts013/01.06.2010/10:32) - Sitting on the sofa with crisps in front of the TV: this isn't just what a cosy evening in front of the TV is like but also probably the hottest football season of this year. In a few days before the Football World Cup 2010, Procter & Gamble will be bringing the warm up for all British football fans in with the "Pringoooals"campaign. Along with the launch of a special World Cup edition of Pringles tubes, the company is providing an iPhone App as from now which must be a part of every World Cup game of the English team. Working for Sky Digital Media, the interactive mobile agency CLANMO came up with the concept of a fun app with seven funny football sounds which is available from now on in the App Store UK.

"Mobile creative production and execution was previously unfamiliar territory for both Sky Digital Media and our client; however Clanmos professionalism, account management skills and expertise in the field have gone above and beyond expectations and have made the entire process a pleasure from conception to finished product despite on occasion having to work to some very challenging timelines. In short, we won't hesitate to ensure they are first port of call for future campaigns of this nature," said Mike Newcombe, Mobile & VOD controller at Sky Digital Media.

The free fun app from CLANMO comes in a typically cheeky Pringles design for this reason and offers seven football sounds which no real fan can do without - from legendary commentary to the winning goal of 1966 to the Great Escape. "Boo" shouts and goal cheering to air horn - it's all included. CLANMO also developed an especially funny feature for a special extra - a yell of "goal" can also be activated by shaking the iPhone!

"The "Pringoooals" campaign is aimed at a young, modern target group which is a daily part of digital channels. This is why the app is the ideal medium to be aimed at them. The "Pringoooals" app combines football and fun with the Pringles brand and delivers a meaningful feature for the World Cup to the user," said CLANMO Managing Director Joachim Bader.

Submitter: CLANMO
Contact: Anke Piontek
Phone: +49 221 51 09 16-90