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Wed, 29.10.2008
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MindMindMatics wins prize for most innovative Mobile Marketing Campaign of 2008
O2 Mobile Marketing Awards 2008 Grand Prix
Konami "Help Snake!"
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Munich (pts010/29.10.2008/10:00) - MindMatics AG in Munich has won this year's O2 Grand Prix at the Mobile Marketing Awards for its mobile campaign, "Help Snake!", designed for the games manufacturer Konami Digital Entertainment in conjunction with the launch of the new "Metal Gear Solid 4" game. According to the jury, the campaign offered the most original approach to bridging the media gap between online and mobile media, and to efficiently acquiring customers. MindMatics was competing against a total of thirty-one other competitors at the CommClubs Bayern e. V. Awards.

"The idea of the game's virtual hero game calling players on their mobile phone and asking for help about what to do next is unique in the innovative online games industry," said Thomas Rosenkranz, Senior Marketing Manager at O2. "With 'Help Snake!', MindMatics has demonstrated that the media break between online and mobile media can be overcome through creative ideas."

The Mobile Marketing campaign designed by MindMatics for Konami ran for over three months in a total of four European countries. Participants were called by the virtual hero, Snake, and were able to help him with tactical decisions during his adventures in the world of the new "Metal Gear Solid 4" game by using their mobile keypad to guide him through the game. The response rate was over sixty percent - significantly above levels for classical marketing campaigns. Nearly one in two participants registered to receive further information about the release of the game.

"The success shows that thanks to the unique technical features, the mobile channel offers an unexploited, innovative and creative potential, which stimulates interest among the target groups," said Joachim Bader, Vice President of Mobile Marketing at MindMatics AG. "We are pleased to be able to develop this with open and readily innovative companies such as Konami."

MindMatics has already been recognised with several awards this year including the "Made for Mobile" Award for its "Mobile Boarding Card" for Lufthansa, the "Interactive Poster Award" for the "Mystery Concept" for the underwear manufacturer Schiesser and has recently become the first provider to launch a novel Mobile Marketing campaign with mosaics from 2000 QR codes for a new games manufacturer.

About MindMatics:

MindMatics is one of Europe's leading providers for the development and implementation of mobile services. As a full service provider, MindMatics is active in three areas: mobile messaging and payment, mobile Internet and mobile marketing. More than 500 businesses throughout Europe have realised their mobile services with MindMatics. Customers include Unilever, T-Mobile, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, ProSieben, Vodafone. MindMatics was founded in March 2000 and employs over 130 staff at its offices in Munich, Cologne, Vienna, London and Los Angeles.

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Phone: +49 (0) 89 322986-582
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