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Wed, 26.03.2003
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Unified Communication Solution simplifies businessprocesses
Intelligent solutions from TOPCALL for law firms and legal departments

Vienna (pts053/26.03.2003/16:50) - Intelligent solutions from TOPCALL International AG enable law firms and legal departments to execute their business processes securely, confidentially and efficiently across any media with and advanced Unified Communication (UC) solution. The total solution brings together all UC processes and technologies (email, SMS, fax, voice, IVR, CTI, digitized letter post, archive, jukebox) on a single sys--tem, without any media discontinuity. Using intelligent interfaces, the system integrates all market leading ERP/CRM programs, like Microsoft, Lotus, Novell, Oracle, SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft, etc., as well as all popular mail systems. This guarantees fast processing and seamless archiving of time sensitive and business critical messages and information across all departments of the law firm, while taking into account the entire range of media.

A Digital Document Delivery solution (DDD) enables the daily intake of letter post (incl. large volumes of encyclopedic contracts) to be seamlessly integrated in the e-business workflow. This speeds up processing of incoming mail at the law firm as well as allowing for more efficient distribution of printed matter. Incoming documents are gathered centrally and subsequently digitized with the aid of a high-speed scanner (thousands of pages/hr). The TOPCALL Server then distributes the scanned information to the mailbox of the relevant lawyer (Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Novell GroupWise or SMTP environments like Hotmail). This digitized conventional mail (such as contracts, depositions and legal briefs) can be forwarded via different routes, including fax, email and SMS messages. This ensures lawyers working in the field are also involved in the up-to-the-minute daily business (either via SMS or via mobile access to the user's mailbox). The physical receipt of mail is therefore integrated in the modern e-business infrastructure of the law firm.

In addition, the integrated OCR software enables the first twenty rows of any printed document to be converted into text, providing users with the gist of the document's content. This feature also allows documents to be retrieved simply and quickly from the TOPCALL archive at a later date.

TOPCALL's Secure Document Delivery solution (SDD) ensures that the entire range of printed matter (including fax documents) can be distributed via email in observance of all statutory requirements.
SDD can be deployed for invoices and all sensitive or legally binding documents, for automatic conversion into emails complete with the appropriate attachment in form of Adobe PDF or TIFF files. The attachment contains a faithful representa-tion of the original document. This ensures the recipient receives the entire con-tents in the exact format it was created.
Digital authentication and encryption permit law firms or legal departments to transmit all types of documents (fax, email, paper/ printed matter) to their busi-ness partners in a highly secure manner.

MetaMail currently offers the most modern solution for the transmission of email, backup and archiving. This new storage and archiving procedure greatly re-lieves the mail server, ensuring the highest level of security and availability of data. In addition, investments in additional mail servers and backup solutions are also superfluous with the deployment of this new technology. The solution en-ables messages and accompanying attachments to be converted into web hyperlinks (URLs). Lawyers can display messages stored on the TOPCALL system on opening an URL from within the mail client. The solution is compatible with all popular messaging programs, such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise and processes all message formats - fax, email and voice mail - on the basis of voice/data convergence. MetaMail is particularly suitable for law firms and legal departments dealing with large and, in terms of composition, complicated data volumes within the framework of their business and communication processes, generally not integrated in the law firm mail sys-tem. As a result of conversion into URLs, messages are significantly smaller al-lowing for quicker transmission. MetaMail also ensures the different communica-tion processes can be tracked. Law firms can check at any time, which user opened, processed and forwarded a particular message as well as the date & time.

Furthermore, the solution also prevents loss of data through the deployment of a TC Tandem Server for backups.

The modern form of archiving combined with the jukebox technology (automatic data storage on CDs or DVD data carriers) also eliminates one cost factor, which generally accounts for up to 40 percent of the overall cost of backups. This way, law firms are able to cut their entire administration expenditure as well as investments in additional backup solutions.

The escalation agent, developed by TOPCALL, ensures messages can be proc-essed quickly on the basis of a freely configurable escalation schedule. Tradi-tional solutions, which allow access to the mailbox of a lawyer by other mem-bers of staff, are generally not satisfactory. Only messages that have not been processed should be forwarded to other users. This is ensured by the escala-tion agent on the basis of a freely configurable and freely definable timetable. Messages not yet processed are automatically forwarded to a deputy. The origi-nal recipient addressed in the message automatically receives the appropriate forwarding information preventing the job being processed twice. If the deputy too does not process the job in the predefined time, the message is again for-warded automatically to another deputy or directly to an operator workstation. This escalation process too can be freely defined, with the escalation agent also taking into account working hours and workdays of the relevant corporate cal-endar. In the case of the TOPCALL solution, the processing time relates to the normal working hours of each law firm. The deployment of the escalation agent enables law firms and legal departments to ensure all of their customer inquiries are processed.

Herbert Blieberger, CEO of TOPCALL International, comments: "Our total commu-nication solution simplifies the daily workflow for law firms and legal depart-ments as well as minimizing costs and ensuring transparent operational se-quences."

The TOPCALL Server is a one-stop solution for business communications. The extremely reli-able server architecture allows companies to integrate, to archive and to manage all communi-cations from a single server. This single server architecture simplifies network management and eliminates the need for additional client software. Specific solutions are available for Uni-fied Messaging, Network and Production Faxing, Interaction Management and Computer Te-lephony (CTI / IVR). In addition, TOPCALL offers ASP-ready solutions and functionality that allows companies to turn Call Centres into Multimedia Contact Centres.

TOPCALL (Vienna Stock Exchange and NASDAQ Europe: TOPC) is a worldwide provider of mission-critical Unified Communication (UC) solutions. The Company delivers UC solutions that allow customers to leverage their existing IT investments (such as ERP and CRM systems), to simplify and/or streamline business processes and achieve better results as well as a rapid return on investment. With 25 years of experience and an impressive Fortune 500 customer list, the company has a proven ability to integrate all types of media in any kind of IT environment and subsequently optimize business processes through communications. To date, TOPCALL has installed over 4,000 UC solutions worldwide, offering global support and consulting services. TOPCALL is represented worldwide through a network of 24 direct sales and support offices and 18 dedicated distributors. The company is listed in the Prime Market segment on the Vienna Stock Exchange (since December 19, 2002) as well as on NASDAQ Europe (since July 11, 1997) under the ticker symbol TOPC. The ISIN-number is: AT0000848809. The headquarters of TOPCALL are located in Vienna, Austria. Further information is available at

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