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AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals Aktiengesellschaft
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AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals Aktiengesellschaft (21 releases)

Today the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt declared enforceable the October 2020 award pertaining to the arbitration between AOP Orphan and PharmaEssentia Corp. The agreement between AOP Orphan and PharmaEssentia Corp.remains in full force and effect, and AOP Orphan is entitled to damages from PharmaEssentia of approx. EUR 142 million. [more]

AOP Orphan reports full validity of arbitral award against PharmaEssentia
2021-03-25, pts20210325027 Science/Technology, Health/Medicine
BESREMi® (Ropeginterferon?alfa-2b) deemed safe and efficacious by the US FDA
2021-03-15, pts20210315022 Science/Technology, Health/Medicine
European ICU Drug Supports Patients in Canada
2021-02-01, pts20210201018 Health/Medicine, Companies/Finance
AOP Orphan: PAH Treatment for Patients in Argentina
2021-01-26, pts20210126026 Health/Medicine, Companies/Finance

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