S&T Technologies GmbH
S&T Technologies GmbH
Grozdanovska Veronika
Phone: +420 778 731 553
E-Mail: Veronika.Grozdanovska@snt-technologies.com
  • Edge and Cloud computing
  • Industrial IoT platform
  • SUSiEtec
  • Software competence center
  • S&T Technologies
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S&T Technologies GmbH (9 releases)

S&T Technologies GmbH, a subsidiary of the Austria-based technology group S&T AG, assumes the role of software- and technology center for S&T and Kontron by expanding its current Linz offices and adding offices in Augsburg. It will complement the Kontron hardware portfolio with Embedded software and Industrial IoT Solutions. In addition, it will provide the new SUSiEtec IoT platform. This is a further step to providing S&T group customers with a single source for hardware-, software- and solutions. [more]

S&T Technologies to act as software competence center within the S&T group
2018-02-28, pts20180228037 Science/Technology, Products/Innovations
S&T AG: term of subscription for former shareholders of Kontron AG comes to a successful end
2017-09-27, pts20170927032 Science/Technology, Computer/Telecommunications
AGMs of Kontron and S&T Deutschland Holding AG vote for merger with great majorities
2017-06-20, pts20170620036 Computer/Telecommunications, Commerce/Services
S&T AG: very successful conclusion to 2016 - sales should break in 2018 the one billion Euros mark
2017-04-06, pts20170406010 Companies/Finance, Computer/Telecommunications
S&T AG increases profitability and prepares for next surge in growth
2016-11-03, pts20161103009 Computer/Telecommunications, Companies/Finance
S&T AG: growth in HY/2016 according to plans - accelerated growth expected for 2017
2016-08-03, pts20160803003 Computer/Telecommunications, Commerce/Services
S&T AG bond offering period begins on May 13, 2013
2013-05-03, pts20130503019 Computer/Telecommunications, Commerce/Services
Change in management at S&T
2013-04-29, pts20130429013 Computer/Telecommunications, Commerce/Services
S&T focuses on capital structure
2013-04-15, pts20130415008 Computer/Telecommunications, Companies/Finance