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Fri, 31.03.2023
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EMBARGO April 1st 2023, 1:04 AM: Becoming a chart topper with ChatGPT? Viennese startup investors release AI song
Too good not to be played: The ChatGPT song "Best in the Game" now released
ChatGPT song
ChatGPT song "Best in the Game" BY 10X
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Vienna (pts036/31.03.2023/14:10) - Just in time for April 1, ChatGPT is now mixing up the Austrian music market: Today, the AI song "Best in the Game" was released - an English hip-hop number by Viennese neo-artist "10x", written with the help of ChatGPT. The single was produced by the new Viennese music label Venionaire Rhythm Labs of the investment company Venionaire Capital and sees itself as a declaration of love to the startup scene. Available now on Spotify, YouTube as well as numerous social media platforms - and soon on the blockchain platform TokenTraxx on Web3. Does the ChatGPT song have chart potential? It's best to listen to it now!

From Beethoven to Nick Cave to Eminem - ChatGPT can also make music. And it can do it entirely - or not at all - in the style of some well-known music greats. Startup investor Berthold Baurek-Karlic and the newly discovered Viennese rapper "10x" took advantage of this: The result is an artistic English-language hip-hop number written with the help of ChatGPT.

"Music, art and technology are closely interwoven today. As a Viennese, I love music; as an investor, I love technology. Combining this and writing a song with the help of artificial intelligence immediately excited me," enthuses startup investor and neo-music producer Berthold Baurek-Karlic, CEO of Venionaire Capital. The basic framework for the lyrics of the first song "Best in the Game" came from ChatGPT, was refined by the investor himself and turned into a rapped hip-hop song by the talented artist "10x".

Creator Economy: From startup investor to neo-music producer with AI

The AI application ChatGPT suddenly opens the door to the music business for the Viennese investment company Venionaire Capital: the investment company specializing in innovative high-tech startups uses its many years of experience in the field of digitization and is now transferring this to a new business sector: AI-generated music. With the first investment in the newly discovered artist "10x" and his single "Best in the Game", a bridge is built between technology, digitalization and AI.

"We want to conquer the international charts with the AI song. Our newly founded music label Venionaire Rhythm Labs aims to revitalize Austria, which was once a leading music location. Therefore, in the future, we will not only support founder talents, but also musicians," explains Baurek-Karlic. The multiple company founder is stepping into the limelight for the first time with his personal passion for music. As a teenager, he played (with little success) in a punk rock band himself. As a student, he performed as a DJ at clubbings and other venues before becoming an investment banker in his day job.

"Too good for the round file"

The rapper "10x" - in real life a management consultant named Philipp M. with a musical background - was skeptical at the beginning. However, the lyrics to "Best in the Game," the vision, and the investor's drive were able to convince him very quickly. "It was clear to me - the number is too good not to be played. I wanted to make something big out of it right away," explains "10x." The Venionaire Capital team found the artist through a call for entries on Facebook, in which friends recommended talented hip-hop artist:inside for a music project. The chemistry between the artist "10x" and the investor was right away. Going beyond their love for music, the two also share a common set of values that is very essential to their creative and business relationship.

"10x" has his musical roots in rap, but uses a wide variety of genres such as pop, hip-hop or soul for his (spoken) vocals, creating a sound experience that is as unique and distinctive as his producer Venionaire. The first song is about the entrepreneurial work of the venture capital specialist himself and is a declaration of love to the startup world: "Startup entrepreneurs and their investors are highly creative, multi-layered, interested in multiple perspectives and at the same time realists with both feet firmly on the ground (in Vienna)," says Baurek-Karlic.

Music finds its way into the Web3

Venionaire Rhythm Labs and "10x" want to break new technological ground not only with the first single, but also with the next titles. Thus, the song will not only be distributed on Spotify, YouTube and other social media channels, but also brought to the blockchain via the TokenTraxx platform. "Music created with the support of artificial intelligence and finding its way onto the Web3 is not only innovative, but also a pioneering approach to revitalizing Austria as a music location," the Viennese artist "10x" is certain.

"We will probably never outpace Silicon Valley in terms of startups, but in the field of music, Vienna has always been a hub that the world has looked to. We are eager to once again take on a pioneering role in Austria and hope to have found a new prodigy in '10x'," summarizes the full-blooded entrepreneur and neo-music producer Baurek-Karlic.

"On the way to the Billboard charts".

"10x" is just at the beginning of an exciting journey. With Venionaire Capital he has a strong partner, financier, and promoter who can open the way to the charts. The neo-producer is of the opinion that it has been far too long since an Austrian artist was number one in the Billboard charts: "Falco topped the US charts with 'Rock me Amadeus' for 17 weeks - that's our benchmark," is Baurek-Karlic's declared goal. Sounds crazy - maybe - but anyone who knows him knows that he likes to leave small goals to others.

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