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Fri, 12.08.2022
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Caroline Rapp presents her abstract works of art at the SWISSARTEXPO 2022
The colorful paintings of Caroline Rapp will be on display from August 24 to 28 in Zurich
Kunstwerk von Caroline Rapp
Kunstwerk von Caroline Rapp
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Zurich (ptp022/12.08.2022/15:00) - The German artist and actress Caroline Rapp will join this year's SWISSARTEXPO from August 24 to 28 with a selection of her astonishing artworks in the heart of Zurich's Main station hall.

Caroline Rapp's vita is as versatile as it is impressive and testifies to a life full of passion for art in all its facets. After graduating from high school, the present-day artist devoted herself to studying acting at the Freiburg Acting School in Germany and later appeared in numerous cinema, film and television productions. At that time painting was already a constant companion in her life. During her acting studies she took various painting and drawing courses, where she could explore and live out her artistic talent on canvas and on paper. Six years ago, she then completed an intensive study at the art academy "Artefact" in Bonn, where she once again got to know painting in all its diversity and was able to largely expand her skills.

The paintings of Caroline Rapp are characterized by bright colors and abstract forms, which are sometimes random, sometimes set, sometimes flat or partial, applied in individual layers on the canvas. In this manner, the talented painter develops a multi- layered work of art, in which every step of creation is as important as the the finished piece itself, mirroring the famous saying by Konfuzius: "The journey is the destination." Over time, the shapes come together to create a completely natural and breathtaking composition that is full of surprises even for the creator herself. Sometimes it flows easily from Rapp's hand, sometimes it is an exhausting process, just like in life itself.

At this year's SWISSARTEXPO, a selection of these wonderful works of art will be made accessible to a wide audience in their original form. In a first-class staging, the works will illuminate the time-honored ambience of Zurich's main train station with a magnificent shine. Visitors of the exhibition can also look forward to her recently published art catalog which will also be available on site, giving an even deeper insight into the artistic work of this extraordinary creator.

For more information on Caroline Rapp's art and acting career, visit her website on .

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