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Wed, 10.08.2022
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Marina Gröpel exhibits her futuristic artworks under the label "noizybutpurple" at SWISSARTEXPO 2022
From 24 - 28 August 2022 at the Swiss art festival SWISSARTEXPO in Zurich
"Alien 89" by Marina Gröpel
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Zurich (ptp022/10.08.2022/11:00) - From August 24 to 28, visitors of the SWISSARTEXPO in Zurich can look forward to inspiring works full of ideas, imagination and a view of the future.

The Zurich-based new media and street art artist is a very special representative of the digital art scene. After studying art, design and media at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart, she decided to incorporate her technological expertise into her creative work as well. Gröpel is one of the pioneers of an art movement that uses new technologies such as NFC (Near Field Communication), VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) with previously unimaginable possibilities to create an exchange between the artist and the viewer.

"My art is interactive, innovative and represents my unique view of how the future of art should be - interactive and accessible to everyone." With this motto, Marina Gröpel has created numerous exciting projects under the artist pseudonym "noizybutpurple" which lets the viewers be part of her artworks in a novel way. For example "DidYouFindMySticker," a digital alien sticker search that she launched in 2016. In this project, she sent participants on a search for NFC-tagged alien stickers in restaurants and cafes, which they could then scan with their cell phones and digitally discover intriguing stories about the aliens.

With such creations, Marina Gröpel aims to raise awareness of new ways and possibilities in the art world and inspire other artists to also add another layer to their work to bring their stories closer to the audience. Combining this with the latest technological elements, she transports art into today's modern digital life. She strongly believes that technology can improve people's lives. Through the new level of art, she feels free from all constraints and is now able to follow her heart's wishes to the fullest.

At the SWISSARTEXPO 2022, the viewer is her focus. For Göpel, the audience represents the most important part of her work, because it ultimately helps to shape the entire oeuvre. Her timeless works can be marveled at from August 24 to 28, 2022 in the time-honored Zurich main station hall. Look forward to gaining a deeper insight into Gröpel's artistic work in a playful way through novel interaction possibilities, as well as the newly published art catalogue which will be displayed on site.

For more information on this extraordinary creator, visit her website at:

Contact: Jenny-Rose Zenklusen
Phone: +41 41 539 19 22