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Wed, 10.08.2022
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Lionel Machris exhibits his artworks at the SWISSARTEXPO 2022
From 24 - 28 August 2022 in the Main train station hall in Zurich
"Der letzte Gang" by Lionel Machris
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Zurich (ptp013/10.08.2022/09:00) - Lionel Machris (1967, Hamburg, Germany) is a multi-talented artistic photographer. His sensitive staging, as well as his unique works on 24 carat gold are characteristic of his artworks.

His distinct artistic talent, his interest in painting and sculpture ultimately led him to photography. After his education in Hamburg and subsequent attendance at the Academy of Fine Arts in art, painting and graphics, he moved to Paris and later to Milan to intensify his interest in the experimental representation of photography.

Lionel's experiments with materials are responsible for his current work. He was fascinated by the durability and luminosity of pure 24-carat gold, which he makes use of in his rare, unique pieces. He refines surfaces with the precious material, which creates mysterious reflections depending on the incidence of light, thus creating a magical dimensionality. The artworks literally glow, supporting the message of the motif. They change depending on the viewing angle and the incidence of light and it seems as if they absorb the ambient light in order to begin to radiate from within when darkness sets in. The mystical mood and the noble presentation of his paintings attract the viewer and offer a precious visual experience with lasting memories. Each of his work is a unique piece, all data used for the creation are deleted or destroyed after finishing the artwork and come with a guarantee of authenticity.

The successful artist draws his inspiration from life and from humanity itself. Diversity, feelings and destinies are an inexhaustible source for new ideas and creations. Humans have the intelligence to understand that they are alive and that they will die. This raises questions and Lionel makes it the content of his work. He succeeds in creating a moment with his works that interweaves fiction and realism and leaves a lot of space for imagination and own interpretation.

Art lovers are cordially invited to see Lionel Machris' unique creations at the SWISSARTEXPO from August 24 to 28, 2022. Four of his artworks will be exhibited on site, alongside with his newly published art catalogue which will provide an even deeper insight into his artistic work.

More about Lionel Machris and his vita can be found on his website:

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