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Fri, 05.08.2022
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Crystal Dombrosky exhibits her inspiring paintings at the SWISSARTEXPO 2022 in Zurich
From August 24 - 28 her art will be exhibited in the main train station of Zurich
Artwork by Crystal Dombrosky
Artwork by Crystal Dombrosky
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Zurich (ptp010/05.08.2022/09:00) - On the occasion of the SWISSARTEXPO 2022, Crystal Dombrosky will be exhibiting ten of her best works of art in Zurich's time-honoured main station hall. For the fourth year in a row, the Swiss art festival is moving into one of Europe's busiest halls this year.

"Capturing the vibrancy of life in an abstract world is what moves me to create, and when I do, time stands still" - this is how Crystal Dombrosky describes her work with the colours, shapes and motifs of her dreamy and enchanting works. The award-winning artist of passion inspires not only her admirers in her home state of Florida, but also art lovers throughout Europe. In addition to her representation in the collection of the Copeoulouz Family Museum in Athens, Greece and her successes at Art Basel Spectrum Miami, she has been among the honoured talents for local visual arts with the Best of Orlando Award since 2020 and 2021.

For Crystal Dombrosky, art has been an instrument she has played since early childhood. With painting, she created a mouthpiece for herself to find a very special means of communication to people past her own speech impediment, dyslexia. After a short but very enlightening time at the Fiorello H. LaGuardia School of the Arts in New York City, she was drawn to the nature of her original homeland, whose unique beauty she skilfully captures in her works.

With her painting "Fractioned Reality", the artist will delight visitors to this year's SWISSARTEXPO from 24 - 28 August in Zurich. In an inspiring staging on one of the coveted artwork carts, which further underpins the abstract nature of the work, the essential experience of Dombrosky's art focuses on the myriad possibilities of organic movement and the exploration of colour elements in a subjective subconscious theme. The viewer is invited to explore abstraction and develop a new imagination. The technique behind the idea always remains open to new developments. Each painting is freehand and overlaid with various precious metals and mineral elements and then burnt in with resin for eternity. The creator's goal is to reconnect with innocence and give each painting its own unique story. She has wrapped everything abstract in her life into a visual narrative in her paintings, allowing a glimpse into her deep inner emotional world. This creates a place for thoughts and a space for senses.

From 24 to 28 August, visitors of the SWISSARTEXPO can look forward to a unique, deliberately sensory experience that will for sure be remembered! Visitors can also look forward to the art catalogue published for this event, which will provide further exciting insights into Dombrosky's artistic work.

To find out more about Crystal Dombrosky and her work, visit her website at .

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