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Thu, 04.08.2022
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Discover the Japanese aesthetics "Mono no Awáre" interpreted by Paul Hamanaka at SWISSARTEXPO 2022
Paul Hamanaka is an exhibitor of this year's SWISSARTEXPO at Zurich's main train station
"Empatia" by Paul Hamanaka
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Zurich (ptp037/04.08.2022/15:00) - Paul Hamanaka is exhibiting two of his distinctive works of art as part of the SWISSARTEXPO 2022. This is the fourth time that the Swiss art festival has been held in the time-honoured hall of Zurich's main railway station.

"Mono no Awáre" is one of the Japanese aesthetics concepts for the awareness of impermanence and conveys in art the deep pathos as empathy towards ephemeral things with much sensitivity. It is precisely from this that the Japanese artist Paul Hamanaka draws his inspiration. Art offers him the wonderful tool to express his profound feelings and emotions in realizing "Mono no Awáre".

When looking at his works, it quickly becomes apparent that Hamanaka remains free of any restrictive guidelines. Completely at ease, letting himself go with the flow and in search of himself, the artist enjoys the infinite possibilities to fully realise himself in art. Hamanaka succeeds in skillfully expressing feelings and emotions coming from the concept of "Mono no Awáre" and the search for the meaning of life along with the ingrained life energy concept like a fine thread through all his creations.

Through the well-chosen play between form, colour and structure, Hamanaka achieves the goal of making the viewer think and brings the audience closer than ever to the balance between beauty and transience. Bubbling with emotion, the works easily manage to capture the viewer's gaze and captivate their attention. A mesmerising spell that allows viewers to indulge in free interpretation, let thoughts play and ultimately fulfil the artist's wish to bring each work to life through the thoughts of the viewers. "Mono no Awáre" offers Hamanaka a fantastic space to create an awareness of life and being, definitely leaving a lasting impression.

From 24 to 28 August, visitors of the SWISSARTEXPO can look forward to two impressive original artworks by Paul Hamanaka as well as his newly published art catalogue, which provides further exciting insights into the artist's artistic work.

Those who would like to see further details and even more about Paul Hamanaka's life in addition to the exhibition are invited to go on a voyage of discovery on his website:

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