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Tue, 02.08.2022
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Lode Coen exhibits his wonderful digital floral art at the SWISSARTEXPO 2022
Lode Coen enriches the SWISSARTEXPO with his digital art this year for the third time in a row
Artwork by Lode Coen
Artwork by Lode Coen
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Zurich (ptp028/02.08.2022/15:00) - Born in Antwerp, Belgium, Lode Coen first found his way to digital art in 1984 when he discovered the limitless possibilities of digital creation on his first Mac computer. After a successful career in Silicon Valley and as a lecturer at various universities in Europe, the USA, Russia and China, he devoted himself entirely to his passion for creative art, which had lain dormant in him since childhood. Today, Lode Coen works mainly in Belgium, where he constantly explores new techniques and art forms by creating versatile and stunning series of images.

His latest series "Flowers" springs from the current Corona crisis. Isolated and torn from his daily routine, Lode Coen began jogging in the park every morning. There, in his newly discovered refuge in nature, he found inner peace for himself. The scent of the flowers motivated him to pause and enjoy the peace and quiet to the fullest. "Pausing to smell the roses", as Lode puts it in his own words, inspired him to take up a new challenge to continue his exploration of flowers as the main theme in his work. Thanks to this enormous burst of creativity, Lode Coen completed the flower series, which was also unconsciously influenced by great artists such as Georgia O'Keefe, Robert Mapplethorpe, Vincent van Gogh and David Hockney.

The artist has already achieved great success in recent years with his floral-inspired works. For example, his work "Bull Thistle Color" was a finalist at the Artbox.Project Zurich 2.0 in 2020. Shortly afterwards, at the beginning of 2021, his work "Secret of the Alchemical Rose" likewise became a finalist at the international Artbox.Project World 1.0 exhibition and a little later even graced a semi-finalist's place at the Artbox.Project Zurich 3.0.

"Feel the real flower power," says the artist, who regrets that he cannot bring the real scent of flowers directly to the Zurich main station hall for its visitors. At this year's SWISSARTEXPO in Zurich from 24 to 28 August, Lode Coen will fill an entire exhibition wall with his fantastic works. He will present a magical square of 25 artworks inspired by a single tulip from his mother's garden. The works are all black and white and are called "Tulipmania Magic Square".

"We are very much looking forward to having Lode Coen as one of our exhibitors at the SWISSARTEXPO again this year. His unique works have always been a highlight for our visitors in the past years and we are convinced that many eyes will be eagerly focused on his exhibition wall again this year!", explains Patricia Zenklusen, CVO of SWISSARTEXPO.

Lode Coen uses his digital art skills, which he learned in Silicon Valley in the late 1980s and which he has refined and perfected over the years, to create most of his works. The artist now has a collection of more than 100000 artworks (still images) and about 35000 moving images. He wants to create a "multi-layered reality". So the idea is to make the viewer experience reality in a new way. His motto is: "Above all, be playful".

More information about Lode Coen and his work can be found at: or follow him on his Instagram account @lodecoen. Interested visitors will also have the chance to view his brand new published art catalogue at this year's SWISSARTEXPO, which provides an even deeper and very interesting insight into his artistic work.

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