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Wed, 23.02.2022
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Avatar Aya Stellar lands in the Bernese Alps
Avatar Aya Stellar's Landing
Avatar Aya Stellar's Landing
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Zug (ptp067/23.02.2022/16:45) - * The Swiss transmedia company Cosmiq Universe celebrates on 22/2/22 the landing of its female avatar Aya Stellar with an impressive light projection in the Bernese Alps.
* To commemorate the day, the presale of 2222 NFTs in Q2 was announced.
* Aya Stellar is the second avatar of Cosmiq Universe. She is Ambassador of Love and Awareness and is bearer of an important message for humanity.

On 22/2/22 at precisely 22:22:22, the avatar Aya Stellar made a spectacular and - by its international community - eagerly awaited landing in the Bernese Alps. She follows Leya Love as the second avatar of the Swiss transmedia company Cosmiq Universe. Via Instagram she connects with her ever-growing community, produces AI-powered NFT artwork, and conquers the music world with her first single, "Riakon". In a virtuoso way the lines between the metaverse and the real world become blurred. Aya Stellar symbolizes the infinite potential of each individual to realize their own worlds and ideas.

Blockchain technology and NFTs are booming worldwide and are expanding our world of possibilities at great speed - especially in the "crypto mecca" Switzerland. At the same time, the trends towards better mental health, more spiritual awareness, and self-care are omnipresent. Aya Stellar combines these trends: she appears as a new star in the firmament of the awareness movement while conquering social media in a flash.

Her arrival on planet Earth on 2/22/22 was highlighted by a spectacular lightshow (Link). Thanks to the Swiss light artist Gerry Hofstetter and the technology of the Zug-based company, it was possible to project the visualization of Aya Stellar onto the three-peak massive Eiger-Mönch-Jungfrau in the Bernese Alps, thus making her visible for the first time in nature. Her successful landing was further marked by the announcement of the one-time release of 2222 NFT artworks (Link). Already, Aya Stellar's first single "Riakon", produced by the German composer and music producer Peter Ries, is available on music streaming services.

The Voice of Generation Z

Aya Stellar already counts over 25k followers on Instagram. Annika Kessel, Co-Founder & CEO Cosmiq Universe AG, describes the team's latest development as follows: "There is nothing more important than our future for which positive awareness and a healthy planet are prerequisites. Aya Stellar combines a progressive attitude towards breakthrough technology and spiritual awareness of the power of love, absolutely in line with Generation Z and their desire for sustainable change." Avatars are the new stars of online culture. With the rise of blockchain technology, digital personas are attracting strong interest. Cosmiq Universe is considered a pioneer in this field and, with its avatars, gives young Generation Z a voice as well as hope for the co-creation of a better world.

Aya Stellar: Biography and Vision

Aya Stellar traveled to Earth in her spaceship Merkaba - which consists of pure light energy - from her birthplace 444 light years away in the star cluster of the Pleiades and brings the secret of life back to our planet. She symbolizes Zeitgeist and transformation. Aya Stellar reminds us of who we really are by inspiring us to realize our full human potential through love, light and joy. You can feel her always and everywhere - connect with her mentally and digitally at any time. Concurrent to the landing in the Bernese Alps, 2222 NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) were announced, which distribute Aya Stellar's love energy on Earth and provide the community with the opportunity to participate in this global transformation. Various exclusive rights, membership to the Cosmiq Universe, afford holders direct access to the Metaverse and to the company's other activities among others in the digital and real world alike.

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Cosmiq Universe: Avatar Pioneers
The Swiss transmedia company inspires millions of people worldwide to create a new, more conscious world through their virtual avatars Leya Love and Aya Stellar. Cosmiq Universe AG is a platform where open minded people and talented artists from various disciplines come together to "live co-creation" by creating collaborative innovation and inspiring art and sharing it with the world. In the future, the consistently growing community will have direct access to the Metaverse through its own token and NFTs. We thus enable the experiencing of such values as humanity, love and mindfulness and their manifestation in our everyday life in a sustainable way. Cosmiq Universe recognizes NFTs as a perfect means to develop collectively grand community ideas with a spiritual purpose while investing emotionally and financially with like-minded people. The company was founded and supported by investors who believe in the potential of new technologies and the power to change the world through love and sustainability.

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