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Sat, 21.08.2021
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Artist Pascale Schmid-Corpataux reflects her love of Chinese aesthetics in her art
Exhibited at SWISSARTEXPO from August 25 to 29, 2021, in the SBB Event Hall at Zurich Main Station
"Les Chinoiseries"
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Zurich (ptp002/21.08.2021/11:00) - A particularly talented representative of a fascinating art inspired by calligraphy will impress visitors to the renowned art exhibition in the venerable event hall of Zurich's main train station from August 25 to 29, 2021.

Pascale Schmid-Corpataux is a Swiss artist based in the canton of Zug. After more than 20 years in finance, Pascale decided to focus intensively on her artistic work. She has always been passionate about painting and drawing and has taken a variety of different painting courses (oil, watercolor, acrylic) over the course of the past 30 years.

Her goal for 2022 is to achieve a CAS in visual arts in Zurich. She is still exploring different techniques and likes to move from the figurative to the abstract. She finds her inspiration in nature, traveling and observing the world around her. She seeks a visual form of aesthetics, harmony, sometimes minimalist and above all imperfect. Her joy in creating is endless. Every time a piece of art is sold, the profits are donated to cancer research. With the beautiful and detailed refined art of calligraphy, she lets her inspirations and thoughts find their way to people.

For the SWISSARTEXPO 2021, Pascale Schmid-Corpataux has decided to exhibit the series "Les Chinoiseries" consisting of nine paintings in the original. This series was influenced by her love for the aesthetics of Chinese calligraphy and Asian Zen art. Harmony and a delicate combination of lines are a real treat for the senses of the viewer.

She wants to transpose a certain graphic with elements of acrylic in larger formats. To maintain the tension, she decided to paint them on canvas covered with a plaster mass. White and black in the background create a memorable minimalism, while the plaster emphasizes the mineral aspects. A visual feast for the eyes and memorable shapes make this particular art a delightful experience. Every viewer is drawn to these wonderful works of art and gets a lasting impression of the highest creativity.

In a newly published art catalog, which will be presented exclusively at the SWISSARTEXPO, lovers of Pascale Schmid-Corpataux's art can delve even deeper into her impressive artistic work.

More information about the vita and art of Pascale Schmid-Corpataux can be found on her website at:

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