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Fri, 20.08.2021
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Ella Röthlisberger is represented with her watercolor pencil art at the SWISSARTEXPO 2021
From August 25 to 29, 2021 at the SBB Eventhalle at Zurich Main Station
Art by Ella Röthlisberger
Art by Ella Röthlisberger
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Zurich (ptp022/20.08.2021/14:00) - Ella Röthlisberger will exhibit her works of art at the beloved art festival in the heart of Zurich from August 25 to 29, 2021. With her romantic abstract art, which reflects her personal perception of the world, she creates a harmonious and very special complement to the many styles that will be represented at SWISSARTEXPO.

With watercolor pencils the artist draws emotions, improvising with shades, lines and shapes. The beauty of the world opens new facets of her precious work. Impressive and dominant is the sophisticated abstraction in her works, which leave the viewer completely free to find his own subjective interpretation approach in the vivid motifs.

Ella Röthlisberger has developed a very unique creative methodology and paints only when she is absolutely happy. Thus, she wants to give her fellow human beings a very special gift, namely the experience of a completely warm and happy atmosphere in an exciting and deeply emotional moment. The artist enjoys her fantasies and the freedom of her creations to the fullest. Her ideas themselves remain a secret that she herself cannot fathom. Despite this, and precisely for this reason, her works of art are a true treasure for the senses and spread an imposing and radiant atmosphere.

Ella Röthlisberger transforms her own positive feelings into a sea of colors and forms that seems inexhaustible. There is no reason for the viewer to search for a hidden drama when beauty is so close at hand. The harmonious relationship with her works spurs the artist to keep putting new fantastic creations on the canvas and to give herself completely to her talent.

At SWISSARTEXPO 2021 in Zurich, Ella Röthlisberger will exhibit the results of her inspirations in the original for the eager visitors, joining the diverse ensemble of great representatives of her genre who set the ambience of this wonderful art festival. A newly published art catalog with many of Ella Röthlisberger's works will remain a precious memory for the viewer.

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