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Fri, 14.05.2021
ptp20210514027 Environment/Energy, Automotive/Transport
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The fuel of the future will come from the sea
Revolutionary technology from Germany can easily achieve Paris climate targets
Metaliq generator
Metaliq generator
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Görlitz, Germany (ptp027/14.05.2021/17:25) - Converting individual, passenger and freight traffic of any kind to METALIQ technology frees us from our dependence on oil and is the only realistic way to achieve the Paris climate targets.

Some researchers are certain: hydrogen cars are the future of the automotive industry, because the so-called fuel cell cars are completely emission-free. But so far only 210 of them are on German roads - why? Many manufacturers struggle with the drive, for example, complain about the low availability of hydrogen filling stations. In addition, the transport and storage of hydrogen are technically complex and economically ineffective.

The METALIQ-approach pursues the goal of not filling up with hydrogen, but rather simply carrying the metal from which the hydrogen is made and generating hydrogen within a compact generator on site and consuming it immediately within the fuel cell.

Our new material cycle is based on sodium and water. So far it has not been possible to convert pure sodium into hydrogen in a controllable reaction with water. However, this process now became possible, using the patented METALIQ-technology.

Currently, sodium in its pure form is not used industrially. It occurs in seawater as a sodium chloride solution (NaCl / table salt) and in fossil deposits. This means that now there can be a new circular economy, that combines ecological and economic advantages in a revolutionary way.

In the METALIQ-Hydrogen Generator, sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is produced as a by-product from the controlled reaction of sodium with water. This material is produced "free of charge", will be collected and is an important raw material for the chemical industry.

When NaOH is collected in the open air, it reacts by itself with the CO2 in the air to form water and sodium carbonate Na2CO3, an important raw material in the glass and paper recycling industries. If "green" sodium production can be established across Europe, e.g. connected to seawater desalination plants, operated with solar energy, Germany and Europe can again become technology leaders and at the same time significantly reduce dependencies on various raw material suppliers.

The METALIQ-innovation can also be applied to all forms of mobile transportation (car, truck, train, airplane, etc.) as well as to immobile energy generation (e.g. buildings).

METALIQ is more than a company - it is the decisive answer to the climate question, a system and the mobile energy solution in one, the European win-win situation.

Our CEO is available for further information and / or interviews:
Dipl.Ing. H.-U. Werner, E-Mail:, Phone.: +49-172-7983244
Metaliq GmbH, Siemens Innovation Campus, Lutherstr. 51, 02826 Görlitz / Germany,

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Contact: Dipl. Ing. H.-U. Werner
Phone: +49 172 7983244
Metaliq GmbH (via Weltbuch Verlag GmbH)