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Tue, 20.04.2021
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Gudrun Dorsch - From 2 to 7 may 2021 she will enrich the art metropolis Barcelona with her unique paintings
Gudrun Dorsch will present five artworks and her new art catalogue in Barcelona
"Verwässert" by Gudrun Dorsch
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Zurich/Barcelona (ptp048/20.04.2021/18:00) - The artist Gudrun Dorsch will be represented in the European art metropolis Barcelona from 2 to 7 may 2021 during the ARTBOX.PROJECT Barcelona 1.0 with five of her artworks as well as her new artist catalogue. The exhibition will be an interesting mix of original artworks and digitally displayed works.

Gudrun Dorsch's paintings show people in different poses, wrapped and embraced by coloured ribbons. In the end it is the ribbons that give the people their shape and define their figure. With these motifs, the Bavarian artist has found her own style among artists, which distinguishes her from others and gives her recognition value. Her works have been part of numerous exhibitions and fairs all over the world. She is also represented by several art galleries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Gudrun Dorsch is inspired by the physical and psychological limits of the human being, which we constantly try to cloak, disguise and gloss over. However, our own body language is treacherous. It conveys the unspoken and unpublished very directly. The wrapped figures, in combination with the titles of the works, create an overall picture for the viewer, which leaves them plenty of room for their own interpretation and personal feelings.

Why wrapped?

The spiral is important in many cultures. It is a symbol for joy of life and inner order. Last but not least, our DNA is a double helix - two spirals entangled in each other - and without DNA there would be no life. If you start a play on words like "ribbons", "binding" or "wrapping", you will find countless terms that very often have to do with boundaries, such as bound, wrapped or binded. So it is not only the motifs, but also the names of the pictures that form an important part of the overall work.

Gudrun Dorsch has recently published her new artist catalogue, in which she presents an exquisite selection of seventeen works of art. The new art catalogue as well as the five digitally exhibited paintings can be visited as part of the ARTBOX.PROJECT Barcelona 1.0 in the Valid World Hall at Buenaventura Muñoz 6 in Barcelona. The exhibition is open from 2 to 7 may 2021 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The catalogue can now also be ordered on:

More information about the artistic work of Gudrun Dorsch can be found on her website on:

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