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Wed, 11.11.2020
pts20201111031 Computer/Telecommunications, Politics/Law
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DigiLabs20 - Shaping Europe's Digital Future
How Digital Innovation Hubs Serve Public Administration
DigiLabs20 - Conference
DigiLabs20 - Conference
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Luebeck (pts031/11.11.2020/16:20) - For the first time, the European digitisation labs met 10th and 11th November 2020 for the international conference "DigiLabs20 - Shaping Europe's Digital Future" on the occasion of Germany's Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

State Secretary Markus Richter, Germany's Federal CIO, emphasised in his opening speech, that "Digitisation labs are a key driver of an accessible, secure and modern administration in Europe. The solutions developed put people firstand the digital processes are thought from the user's perspective. Despite different framework conditions in the EU Member States: If we make the innovative solutions from the laboratories better known and reusethem across Europe, everyone will benefit."

Digital government is not about just moving offline services and processes onto the internet with technological solutions but re-engineering and re-designing services and making government user-driven in determining needs and encouraging collaboration to address them. For governments, the covid-19 pandemic removed any luxury of choice in digital being the default.

"Public administrations must lead by example in adopting new technologies that work for people. The European Commission supports the digitalisation of public services and will propose a trusted European Digital Identity that citizens can use to access eGovernment or eHealth applications and that puts citizens in control how their personal data is used", expressed in his speech Roberto Viola, EU Director-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology.

More than 500 participants from 35 countries were remote part of the hybrid EU High-Level Conference broadcasted from the Hanseatic-City Lübeck at the German BalticCoast. In his greeting message Schleswig-Holstein's Minister President Daniel Günther emphasised that "Business, science and administration in Schleswig-Holstein are working closely together to promote digitisation. But digitisation must also be close to the citizens and work in exchange. Participation and cooperation are therefore very decisive criteria for a successful digital change".

The conference was organised by the Joint eGov and Open Data Innovation Lab -The JiL was founded by the University of Lübeck and the Software and Consulting Company MACH AG - "The cross-cutting exchange of experience between science, administration and business providesnew insights for all participants and promotes betterunderstanding of the possibilities for using new technologies. Our JiL is an intelligent ecosystem for the future of eGovernment", explained Christian Rupp, Chief Innovation Officer.

Submitter: Joint eGov and Open Data Innovation Lab
Contact: Christian Rupp
Phone: +49 151 52 76 51 90
Joint eGov and Open Data Innovation Lab