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Thu, 11.10.2018
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Easily turn telephone consulting into a source of income with TIMEPAY
Michael D. Basler, Stephan Wirth
Michael D. Basler, Stephan Wirth
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Frankfurt on the Main (pts030/11.10.2018/13:45) - An innovation has just gone live with great potential to cause a revolution in the consulting business. TIMEPAY.de, an internet service that can be used with any popular browser without any further installations, now makes transparent and legally secure digital processing possible for telephone consultation. The SaaS application is a real innovation without alternatives on the market and has already filed for a patent.

Fee-based consulting with TIMEPAY makes it easier for advice-giving professions

The actual telephone or video discussion with TIMEPAY is free. The new function that is indispensable for consultancies is that they can charge their clients directly for the consultation time via the service on a minute or hourly basis, or also as a fixed price. For example, if a customer requests legal support from his lawyer or assistance from his tax accountant, they can both communicate verbally or audio visually with TIMEPAY. The application legally documents the conversation with the customer, then can create an invoice and send it by e-mail. The contractor, whether a computer specialist, management consultant or architect, retains only prices, contact details, terms and conditions, as well as cancellation policies. 'The application makes digital processing especially transparent and legally secure', says Michael Basler, CEO of TIMEPAY GmbH. A big plus for businesses is that they will have to spend less time and effort on satisfactory documentation for the auditor and tax office. Especially in one-person companies, this means a considerable amount of relief and saved working time, which the expert consultant can then spend with their customers. The need to document the time spent on the phone disappears.

A useful tool and value generator

The use of TIMEPAY is also interesting for physicians, trainers and coaches. The spatial distance between consultant and customer can be easily overcome with internet technologies. With TIMEPAY, consulting professions can directly store the fees for their services and the administrative part of a training session, coaching session or medical consultation is done quickly and easily by the TIMEPAY application. For companies that sell software or training courses and then offer telephone consultation for a fee, TIMEPAY also promises great benefits in daily business. The creation of the invoice amount is transparent for both the service provider and the customer. A delayed and inaccurate bill for a telephone consultation will no longer be an unpleasant surprise for the service recipient. For entire industries, in which freelancers and other professionals make their knowledge available, TIMEPAY opens up new solutions - and not just ways to earn money. The new application removes the barrier of having to set up a fee-based and often closed telephone system with a premium rate number, then having to share revenue with its providers.

The easy way to offer customer support

Registration on the website http://www.timepay.de is quick and easy. Consultation providers can test the tool for six hours for free with no obligation. After a successful trial, you can purchase minute quotas for between 3.2 and 3.8 cents a minute. This price corresponds to the usual landline costs for a telephone conversation. The pricing structure set out here paves the way for new business models based on fee-based consulting. TIMEPAY opens up the unprecedented opportunity to provide customer support remotely and to earn money while travelling, on vacation, from home and in a flexible way. TIMEPAY expects prompt patenting with its innovative features.

TIMEPAY plans to expand and seeks investors

'We are currently privately funded and looking for suitable innovative investors. TIMEPAY is still very young and is currently solving problems on the German market, but that is only be the beginning. Instead of consultations taking place comparably in every country, many of them occur across borders. Our roadmap also includes 14 additional expansion stages, each of which generates an additional USP for itself', says Michael Basler. For further information about the company, please contact info@timepay.de or contact us on the homepage http://www.timepay.de .

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