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Tue, 05.12.2017
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CEE Assistance: New uniform solution for travel-related emergency services
Coverage of 17 countries in Central and Eastern Europe
Ferdi Akdag
Ferdi Akdag
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Vienna (pts019/05.12.2017/14:00) - CEE Assistance is formed by a group of well-established regional assistance companies that provide help and advice in 17 countries * at any time in emergency and problematic situations such as acute illness, accidents, car breakdowns, imprisonment, loss of funds or documents.

The initiator of the group is the Viennese assistance and contact center company Customer Care Solutions, founded in 1999. CCS is a single point of contact for incoming emergency calls and acts as the coordination centre, which controls the quality and the costs of services.

"The CEE region," says Ferdi Akdag, Managing Director of Customer Care Solutions, "is a collection of many relatively small countries with different languages and cultures. This makes it a grey area in terms of assistance services, mainly due to the need of a separate contact person for each country and the insufficiency of a nationwide solution. For this reason we decided to make the region more accessible to the assistance services, which is beneficial to our clients and end customers."

CEE Assistance is based on the original idea of assistance: it gathers the most professional local partners from each CEE country, who have a comprehensive network of service providers (such as doctors, craftsmen, ambulance services, towing services, etc.).This approach is so efficient, because a local possesses the broadest knowledge about structures, practices and procedures in his own country. Such an international network of assistance ultimately leads to effective and immediate help.

Controlling all incoming cases through the single point of entrance creates a massive simplification. With the CEE Assistance solution, 17 countries in Central and Eastern Europe represent a uniform area for clients in terms of emergency services, based on a central case administration and fair pricing.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Assistance became a fixed component of many insurance solutions. Since then it has been used more and more consciously by policyholders and has been increasingly developing into an effective customer loyalty instrument. For this reason, CEE Assistance is especially appealing to insurance companies. This solution is also attractive to travel agencies and internationally active companies whose employees travel a lot in the CEE region.

CEE Assistance has been available since October 2017.

* The following countries belong to the area of operation of CEE Assistance: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Austria, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Serbia and Kosovo, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary

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Phone: +43 1 40 190 137
customer care solutions - call center Betriebs GmbH