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Mon, 30.01.2017
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Automation standard IEC 61499 catching on in the IIoT market
nxtControl pleased with full order books

Leobersdorf (pts028/30.01.2017/15:05) - Industry is going through an accelerated phase of digitisation, with modern industrial plants and buildings becoming ever more flexible. In the future, all of a plant's sensors, actuators and control devices will communicate with each other and manage tasks flexibly, thanks to automation. This requires a lot of intelligence. More and more firms are now banking on automation standard IEC 61499 and Austrian software company nxtControl http://www.nxtcontrol.com .

nxtControl: Increasing engineering efficiency

Austria's nxtControl is a global leader in control technology for distributed systems and, over the last ten years, has invested almost Eur15 million in this technology. With nxtControl's automation software for buildings and industry, drag-&-drop can be used to easily distribute the control intelligence of whole plants among a number of controllers. Cross-communication is generated fully automatically. The event-driven execution model of the underlying IEC 61499 makes it easier to integrate the control logic into higher-level IT systems and Cloud applications, creating a seamless data highway from the field level to the management level.

nxtControl achieves complete flexibility by separating the software from the control hardware. Separating the life-cycles significantly cuts costs and makes it possible to produce flexible IIoT solutions. nxtControl offers hybrid solutions to simplify the changeover from the old technology to the new. The lead investors in nxtControl are private equity firms eQventure and tecnet equity.

Full order books

With nxtControl's nxtONE software, more and more OEMs and mechanical engineering firms benefit from a state-of-the-art integrated engineering system for distributed control, and one that meets modern demands. It is used both for new concepts and to modernise existing control structures.

"Full order books and global demand for our technology are proof of the radical change in the automation market towards IIoT. In the last few months, we gained important strategic new customers," Horst Mayer, CEO of nxtControl, announces happily.

About IEC 61499
Automation solutions with distributed intelligence are based on the international standard IEC 61499. In engineering, the control logic of a whole plant is generated and then distributed among several controllers. Defined interoperability, portability and configurability make it possible to create particularly flexible automation solutions. This substantially reduces both the engineering work and the total life-cycle costs.

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