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Wed, 29.06.2016
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Kreisel Electric presents MAVERO - super efficient and beautifully designed home energy storage
MAVERO is available in four sizes - up to 22 kWh usable capacity and 9.6 kW discharge power
Mavero Presentation Berlin 2016
Mavero Presentation Berlin 2016
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Berlin (pts006/29.06.2016/09:00) - MAVERO is a highly efficient and flexible energy storage system for private and commercial application. Thanks to the modular design, each unit can be tailored precisely to individual conditions. The flexible home storage system will be available in four different sizes. The battery packs are based on Li-ion technology and the usable capacity ranges from 8 kWh to 22 kWh. The elegantly designed casing is available in two colours and communicates all charge and discharge activities by means of LED visualisation

Everyone is talking about renewable energy sources and the energy transition. One major problem for practical implementation, however, is the lack of suitable storage technology for irregular energy production. Austrian manufacturer of high performance batteries Kreisel Electric presented a viable solution for private households and commercial application at the Motorwerk in Berlin on June 15.

The new home storage system MAVERO - be self-sufficient
The name comes from the Italian language ("ma vero") and translates roughly as "but true". It is "true" that you can now supply yourself with energy from renewable sources - and, in the ideal scenario, even "fill up" your electric car. MAVERO enables independence from natural fluctuations in supply (e.g. wind lulls or insufficient sunlight) and worsening feed-in compensation from energy providers.

"The market is crying out for a high-end energy storage technology solution that is also stylish and really worth it for everyone," stated Markus Kreisel, Marketing Manager with Kreisel Electric, at the premiere in Berlin.

Electricity storage with an elegant outfit
MAVERO is a wall-mounted home energy storage system that stores electricity from any renewable energy source. With its sophisticated design and a size of 105 x 140 cm (w x h), it can be installed in almost any interior space - even in the living room. MAVERO will be available in four versions, ranging from 8 to 22 kWh output volume, and a weight of 70 kg to 170 kg. The discharge power ranges from 4.8 to 9.6 kW in the voltage range from 288 to 384 V. Owners of electric vehicles in particular will be pleased, since the system enables accelerated loading with 100% self-generated electricity. Compared to competitors, the efficiency rate is unrivalled at 96% and the space requirement is considerably lower. With an installation volume of 1.95 dm3/kWh, Kreisel is able to achieve 70% more capacity in the MAVERO system in roughly the same size, thanks to their proprietary high-performance batteries.

Modular design and moderate price
The system is modular and can be installed quickly by a single technician at a relatively low cost. The modular design also offers flexible optimization based on your energy needs, since additional modules can be added later. An innovative lighting design (ambient interface LED) communicates the battery level and the charge and discharge activities. Kreisel Electric also wants to break new ground in terms of the price with their new "Kreisel Energy" division. Ultimately, the retail price should be under Eur700 per kWh.

Home storage paving the way for the energy revolution
MAVERO is designed to provide enough energy each day for the average household. The models MAVERO 20 and 28 have a higher capacity for more demanding applications like charging electric cars.

MAVERO home energy storage - available in four sizes

Usable capacity8 kWh11 kWh16 kWh22 kWh
Charge / discharge power4,8 kW4,8 kW9,6 kW9,6 kW
Charge / discharge current14 A14 A28 A28 A
Weight70 kg90 kg150 kg170 kg
Voltage range288 V - 384 V288 V - 384 V288 V - 384 V288 V - 384 V
Dimensions (LxWxH)140x105x15 cm140x105x15 cm140x105x27,5 cm140x105x27,5 cm

The MAVERO home energy storage system can be reserved at the website . First deliveries are planned for early 2017.

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About Kreisel Electric GmbH:
The company was founded by brothers Philipp, Johann und Markus Kreisel in 2014 as a small, independent start-up with solid technical know-how and plenty of passion. The Innovation, a super efficient and powerful lithium ion battery system, is being used successfully in electric vehicles and brought the rapidly growing company enormous international demand. With the MAVERO system, the Kreisel brothers have made their technology available to home use.

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