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Wed, 29.10.2014
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From the world's fastest high speed sensor to the first 3D driver assistance system for smart trams
AIT at VISION, the world's leading trade fair for machine vision in Stuttgart
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Vienna/Stuttgart (pts018/29.10.2014/15:45) - From 4 to 6 November, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is presenting the latest technology in the field of high-performance image processing at the world's leading trade show for machine vision. A central highlight of this year's AIT exhibition will be the world's fastest sensor for advanced visual inspection tasks, such as security printing for bank note inspection. AIT experts are also presenting a new 3D driver assistance system which will revolutionise tram safety.

Faster than the human eye
Extreme speed is a typical defining feature of modern industrial production facilities. A huge number of products is manufactured by these machines at ever faster speeds. Over many years, AIT has been successfully developing optical technologies and solutions designed to examine and verify the quality of each individual product. One current example of key technologies in this context is the new high speed sensor for line scan cameras of up to 200 kHz (true RGB) and 600 kHz (grey values) which was developed by AIT in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems (IMS). The sensor provides colour images with a resolution of 0.05 mm at a transport speed of 36 km/h. This allows even the smallest hairline cracks on surfaces to be detected. The sensor is also ideal for inspection tasks in the high speed domain - an image resolution of 0.4 mm can be achieved at speeds of 300 km/h. This means that any defects in infrastructure can be identified at an early stage, e.g. indications of impending rail fracture.

Trams learn to see, think and react
An innovative 3D driver assistance system presented at VISION for the first time will make future trams safer and more comfortable. In the future, trams will be able to identify obstacles and correctly assess their hazard potential. The visual 3D sensor system has been specially developed for use in light-weight rail vehicles and will allow trams to take a look ahead, making them smarter and therefore safer. The technology is robust and not sensitive to disturbances, has a long range, provides high resolution and can be implemented cost-effectively. With this sensor the tram learns to independently identify different objects such as vehicles and individuals, to assess their hazard potential and react accordingly. The driver is supported and alerted in emergency situations via an acoustic warning signal in order to implement the appropriate countermeasures in good time. This new safety system for trams is being developed by AIT together with Bombardier Transportation in Vienna, where the company's Competence Centre for Light Rail Vehicles is based. The more vulnerable traffic participants such as pedestrians and cyclists are thus provided with optimal protection in accident situations involving a tram. A Bombardier tram with a prototype of the 3D sensor system on board is currently in operation on the Frankfurter Verkehrs-Gesellschaft (VGF) tram network. The technology is expected to be ready for use from the end of 2014 across the entire range of light rail vehicles manufactured by Bombardier Transportation.

Another of the many highlights on display at the AIT booth is a 3D 360° panoramic camera for mobile robots. With this high dynamic range (HDR) navigation system, which works reliably even under the poorest lighting conditions, robots can be used to explore areas and provide situation maps in cases such as forest fires without people having to approach the hazardous areas themselves. As part of an international European research project, AIT leads the development of an automated border control system which will enable efficient border clearance while also maintaining high security standards. The so-called eGate could be used in the future for all kinds of border crossings - air, land and water. A prototype can be tried out live at the AIT stand.

Scientific Vision Days - technology presentations at the AIT stand
On 5 and 6 November 2014, AIT is inviting guests to attend its traditional keynote presentations at its trade fair stand (number 1D82, hall 1). Based on the motto of 'Scientific Vision Days', experts from AIT and customers and partners from the worlds of research and industry will be presenting some of the latest innovations and technologies from the field of image processing.
Programme details will be announced at the trade fair and at .

Intelligent Vision Systems at AIT
AIT has established a recognised position for itself in the international science and technology arena in the field of high-performance image processing for innovative security solutions. Some 70 experts are undertaking research in key technologies such as multi-camera networks, 3D image processing and visual quality inspection, working in close collaboration with leading companies from the fields of industry, science and public administration. The combination of advanced scientific algorithms and technological expertise in efficient implementation (software and dedicated hardware) presents a significant competitive advantage. Developments in this field of research are based on close cooperation with manufacturers of video components and security solutions and infrastructure operators and public institutions. More information can be found at .


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