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Fri, 06.12.2013
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EmPower-Consortium launches innovative project for optimised use of energy
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Leoben (pts009/06.12.2013/10:00) - Optimised use of generated energy, and specifically the increasing "electrification" of daily life poses significant challenges to the current methods and concepts for delivering power to point-of-use.

EmPower brings together leaders from the Automotive, Semiconductor, Process & Equipment and Packaging segments to focus on new and efficient methods to deliver energy to point of use.

Targets include the improvement of processes for semiconductor manufacturing, development of new concepts for component packaging, and design of products for optimum management of energy.

The consortium consists of the following members:
AT&S - leader in the field of embedded component packaging
Continental - leading Tier #1 automotive supply chain partner
STMicro - leader in Power Semiconductor design and manufacturing
TU Wien - world-class thermal simulation and modelling
TU Berlin - world-class University with capability in the field of power semiconductors
Atotech - leading process and equipment solutions provider to the Electronics industry
Ilfa - European PCB manufacturer focussed on high technology, high mix production
Fundico - focus on the project management deliverables

Hannes Stahr of AT&S, the project coordinator "EmPower is the spearhead for the development of new power packaging concepts, and will deliver new products in to the field of high efficiency, high power delivery packages. By working with European leaders in this field we are confident to establish standards for new products that will be globally rolled out, and establish European methods as the standard for this new exciting segment."

Mark Beesley, Chief Operating Officer of Advanced Packaging at AT&S "Our targets include the development, industrialisation and ramp up of brand new products and concepts to deliver next generation performance benchmarks for power delivery. EmPower will establish the framework of competence and capability to enable that to happen here, in Europe."

EmPower is the follower project of the highly successful HERMES Framework 7 funded European Union project, and brings European Research, Development and Industrialisation capability to the field of next generation power semiconductor packaging. EmPower is part of the "Mobilit├Ąt der Zukunft" program (Mobility of the Future). EmPower has a total project volume in excess of five million Euros and a significant funded project in the Catrene framework.

Submitter: AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG
Contact: Christina Schuller
Phone: +43 3842 2005908
AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG